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2002-04-23 - 11:27 p.m.

I'm writing to you now from San Francisco! It's been a long day, since we got a late start (as usual)...and I have too many things to say...and took way too many photos....and it's getting way late in the I'll keep this short and perhaps expand it a bit tomorrow.

Anyway, when you drive from Los Angeles to San Fransisco, your view is mostly of open flat lands for miles and miles....hundreds of miles actually.

Then, when you reach the halfway point between L.A. and stumble upon an amazing pink stucco and palm tree oasis called Harris Ranch

I recommend you head directly to the bar...they have two other restaurants, but, really, just go to the can get all their fabulous food there....and the atmosphere is much better. (And of course, after driving 200 miles, with the prospect of another 200 to go, you'll need a drink!) And you must order the grilled salmon burger (specify burger because it's less expensive, although it's the same salmon they give when you order the salmon filet, but you actually get more food!!)'s one of the best things and best values on the menu...delicious!

Anyway...that's all for now....tomorrow we spend all day in San Fransisco...we'll talk again...

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