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2005-02-03 - 11:49 p.m.

So....after we left the Basshole, we drove on into the night, but since we had got almost no sleep the night before, I could barely keep my eyes open. We got as far as Roseburg, Oregon and decided to stop for the night.

A few years back, I was travelling alone and had to stop in Roseburg in the middle of the night. I picked the most "safe" looking motel and checked in. The owner was very nice and almost fatherly, and the place was very clean. Of course, everything looks better in the dark. The next morning though, I was amazed/horrified that I had picked that place to stay! But amazingly enough, I have stayed there several times since then, and this was the place we stayed Sunday night.

(This is the place I mention in my 100 things (Number 26) where the bottle of wine I was drinking at the time cost more than the hotel room!)

Now let me interject here that I am probably most known for staying at hotels like The Beverly Hills Hotel, but I also have a penchant for staying at divey dives and drinking at the loungey bars. (I guess you could say I go both ways!)

So here we are at this $35 a night motel in the middle of nowhere.....and we find out two amazing things. First, we pull off the bedspread (because that's what you do at a cheap motel), and we discover that they actually have high quality sheets!!! Unbelievable! I don't remember them having good sheets before, but these are great (and I am a sheet snob!)

Then, after we'd got all settled in, I jokingly said that maybe we should even check for WiFi. Alan thought I was nuts. There was no way this tiny motel in the middle of nowhere was going to have wireless. But sure enough...there was WiFi!!! We could get on the internet for free! Unbelievable!!! (Yes, I know, I should have blogged then, but we were just having too much fun!)

So from now on this cheesy motel in Roseburg is THE place to stay when I can't drive any further!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the couple in the room next to us....who were *going at it* for like an hour. (I think I learned a few new...uh....things, just by listening to them.) In the morning, as we were packing up, we noticed that their car had a huge empty bottle of vodka between the front seats.

A fun time was had by all in the ol' motel that night! I love cheap motels!

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2005-02-02 - 9:37 p.m. where did I leave off? I'll try and do this in list format:

~Saturday night:
Had to call paramedics at 3am because Alan (who is Type 1 Diabetic) was having extremely low blood sugar (31 when it's supposed to be about 150). This is a rare event where his blood sugar gets that low, and the paramedics were able to revive him quickly without having to take him to the hospital.....but still, it is quite scary when it happens.**

~Sunday morning:
Tried to get up early to drive to Astoria as planned, but ended up leaving at noon because we were so wiped out from the "low blood sugar/parmedics/awake all night" incident.

~Sunday afternoon:
(Now this is where it starts to get interesting). We stopped at our favorite watering hole for a late lunch/dinner, The Basshole in Antlers, California (yes, you read that right, the BASShole). This used to be a very "redneck" bar up in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. It was always a fun place to go to, and when we told them that we were from Los Angeles, they thought we were "Movie Stars!!!"

But this time, things seemed to have had become an "alternative" to speak***. It seems that all the red-neck loggers had suddenly come out of the closet! And this was very odd because this bar seemed like the type of place where anyone gay would.....not be looked upon kindly. But this time, it seemed EVERYONE was openly gay. At one point, I left the bar to go to the bathroom, and a guy came up to Alan and said, "Hey, you're a pretty boy!" He held out his hand to do a handshake, then pulled Alan's hand into his crotchital area and say, "Will you touch my penis??" Uhhh...Oy!!

Now stay tuned for the cheap motel story (no, it has nothing to do with the BASShole incident!).......I'm going to write this in a couple of parts so it's not such a long post.

**Also, please don't feel the need to leave a lot of diabetic advice/comments. Alan has been diabetic since he was 10. Calling paramedics is a very rare thing (it's only happend twice since I've known him). I only mentioned it because it's part of what's been happening these last few days.

***Also, I want you to know that I have no problem with gay bars or gay people or redneck bars, etc., it just seemed odd that all of a sudden, this totally redneck bar turned into a gay bar. I really don't care what persuasion the bar is, as long as they make good drinks.....and the BASShole make killer drinks and great food!

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2005-01-31 - 10:38 p.m.
Hey look! I'm back in Astoria, Oregon again. But oy!, what a trip it was getting here. I'd give you all the highlights now, but I am dead dog tired. So stay tuned for stories about paramedics, a cheappppp motel, and strangers asking for penis touching (eek!). It's amazing we made it here in one piece.

But right now I'm going to go take a long hot bath (in my most favorite bathtub in the world that I miss so much when I'm not here)....and then I'm going to go to bed!!

But stay tuned people, stay tuned.......

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2005-01-29 - 11:58 p.m.
The Meyer lemon site is finally up!!!! I'm not quite sure if everything completely works, and I know there will be a lot of fine tuning, and tons of more info still needs to be added, but it's up!

Please click on over and check it out....and if you find any flaws, or would like to add any info, PLEASE let me know! All suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

In other news, tomorrow I'm hitting the road, probably a 12 hour drive (at least), so there will be no updates to any of my sites until after I sleep in really late on Monday! So stay tuned, who knows what will happen between now and then........

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