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2011-10-03 - 6:34 p.m.
My favorite ever quote from Alan:

"'re blurry just walking down the street!"

And that is sooo true. Just click back a few of my blog posts ago...there's a photo that shows it!

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2011-09-29 - 5:04 p.m.
So Laura's pillow post about the importance of buying the best pillows, really hit home with me. I am a Pillow Maven...with no less than 5 pillows on the bed at any one time. I spend more on bedding than on food or clothes.

One of her commenters mentioned finding the perfect pillow at a hotel, only to be disappointed that she couldn't find one like it to buy when she got home. Ahhh...the memories this brought back....of my UNDERGROUND PILLOW DRUG DEAL!!! (Now hang on, this might be a bit wordy.)

When I used to visit Portland, Oregon (which was about 2 hours from my home at the time), I would stay at this great old hotel, The Mallory. (I haven't been there in years, and apparently it's now called Hotel Deluxe, so your mileage may vary...but here's my story.) They were known for being affordable and fabulous. They allowed me to bring my cat. They had the coolest little retro bar. And they had the BEST bedding. And the FUCKING BEST EVER PILLOWS in the entire world!!!

One time, as I was checking out, I asked if it was possible to buy one of their pillows. (They offered some of their other amenities for sale, so maybe, just maybe, I could buy a pillow too.)

The concierge was called. I told him how much I loved the pillows and could I buy one....Long Pause.
Him:"Well...ummmmm........I think you need to make an appointment."
Me: :....uhhhh, but I'm here now...?"
Him:"Here is the number....ask for (Let's say Greta, for the sake of this post.)
Me: "Ok....?"

So I call and I get "Greta," and she tells me I need to come back in two weeks, I need to bring cash, and I need to meet her in the basement, but I need to call first, so she can let me in. Oh, and you can only have only two pillows!!! (Yes, all this in Russian accent!)

So, because these pillows were worth all that and a FOUR hour round $50/pillow....we set up an appointment.

I get there and I have to tell the concierge that I'm there to see "Greta." Long pause, I tell my story, Greta is paged, and I'm allowed to take the elevator to the basement. Then I reach another security wall...of her "people." "Why are you here?" "Is it about the pillows?!" "Do you have cash?" "You know you can only have two?!!" Yes.

Finally, Greta steps out of the shadows of the basement. With my two pillows. I hand her $100, and the deal is done. Phew!!

I went back a year later and bought 2 more. They are the best pillows. I wonder if "Greta" is still working there.


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