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2004-11-11 - 11:26 p.m.
Well, the car is washed (the car wash I go to now has vibrating/massage recliners that you can sit in while you wait....they appear to require some money to be fed into them, but I'm not sure how much it costs since they were in use the whole time I was there!)......but my house still looks like King Tut's Tomb....way too much stuff stored up for the after~life!

I'm hoping my parents won't want to come in this time....they usually don't. I just pick them up at their hotel and wisk them off to some restaurant or touristy activity, then deposit them back at the hotel at the end of the day. Although I've found that if I assume they aren't going to come up, and therefore neglect to clean, you might as well bet your bottom dollar that they're going to come up. On the other hand, if I spend two full days cleaning....down to Q-tipping the last specks of dust can most assuredly bet your bottom dollar that they *won't* be coming up.....and therefore, will never believe that you ever have a clean house. Oy!

Anyway, you may or may not hear much from me over the weekend. But between now and Monday, I will have visited at least 3 restaurants and 2 tourist attractions....and shortly thereafter, I will be making another epic drive back north. My life is a rollercoaster! So stay tuned people.....who knows what stories I'll have to tell in the coming days!

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2004-11-10 - 10:09 p.m.
All I have to say about today is: "Arrrrrrrrrgggh!"
That, and I have only one more free day before my parents get here. (Hi mom and dad!)
Stay tuned.

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2004-11-08 - 10:22 p.m.
Mylinate, myelynate, milanate, mylanate, milynate??
(pronounced "my la nate")

Has anyone ever heard of this word??? For years I have been using this word, and everybody thinks I made it up.

I've searched and searched for a true definition, but so far the only thing I've come up with is a fleeting reference to "myelinated" which means "covered with myelin." (Yeah, like that was a big help!) My definition: to let mellow, to let sink in, to let cool or marinate. Although, I tend to use it in an odd context: when I buy something that I just loved at the store, but then have doubts about it once I've got it home.....I need to let it mylinate for a while before I can decide if I really like it or not. (Yeah, I know, I'm strange like that.)

Anyway, I finally broke down and asked my mom about it, because I was sure she had been using this word my whole life. In my head, I can hear her saying (about so many things), "You just need to let it mylinate!" But she had no clue what I was talking about!!

So now I'm at a loss. Did I really make this word up at some point. Did my mom make it up, but now can't remember (that'd be just like her!) Or do the rest of you really use this in your everyday vocabulary?? Your input here would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would be curious to know if you guys have any made up words that you use all the time.....despite people accusing you of having made it up!

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2004-11-07 - 7:11 p.m.
Sometimes, all you need is an amazing sunset.

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