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2004-11-05 - 12:59 a.m.
I have this problem that late at night, when I'm lying in bed trying desperately hard to go to sleep....I come up with some of the greatest blog posts my mind. But I cannot bring myself to get out of bed and post them, so I convince myself there is no way I will forget *this* fabulous post.....and somehow, I always do. I lose the essence.

Why can't I think up these incredibly witty things when I'm wide awake and my computer is on????

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2004-11-02 - 6:44 p.m.

We belong to the Mumm wine club, and they send us two bottles of champagne every other month. But this month we got a special shipment of their newly released DVX champagne (it's about $50 a bottle....and they sent 3 bottles!!). They were supposed to warn us in advance that they were sending out the expensive stuff so we could decide if we wanted or not, but we didn't get the warning.

But who's gonna send back champagne??!!!

So now we're sipping some of the best champagne in the world (that we really shouldn't be affording right now!)......and hoping that the results of the election will give us a reason to toast......instead of a reason to drown our sorrow!


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2004-11-01 - 1:11 p.m.
In the comments of my last post, Meg suggested that, as part of my recovery, I should be sitting around eating bon bons all day. Well, yesterday, I pretty much did just that. Let me tell you, it is not safe to leave me unattended in a room full of miniature candybar goodness. That stuff is like crack!!

Actually, I was doing pretty good all day. In fact, we even had a bag of Halloween candy in the house for two whole days without me even opening it. (Incredible!) But then we went to a party to take all the kids out for trick~or~treating. I was holding up pretty good until the kids returned. They sat down on the floor and spilled out all their loot......piles and piles of candy!! As they bartered and traded their candy goodness, my eyes started to get that glazed over look of a drug addict about to have a relapse.

But still, I was holding up.....not one piece of candy had passed my lips. Yet.

It wasn't until we got home, and all the plastic eyeballs had been popped off my face.....that I went into serious relapse. I was only going to have one teeny little microscopically small Almond Joy ("sometimes you feel like a nut")......but I couldn't stop! The candy demon took over my body, and I went into an all out binge. It was ugly. I had a mini Reeses, a mini Kit Kat, a mini Hershey's with Almonds, some Smarty Tarts.......I don't even know what else.

And as I write this, I'm staring at a mini Krackel. (Krackel....crack.....coincidence??!) Make it stop!!!!

I'm so glad Halloween only comes once a year.

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