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2004-08-12 - 12:18 a.m.

I have a weakness for buying art....but especially when I know something about the person who made it. That changes it from something you would just find in a store....into something that has a life and a story behind it. (I think everything you buy should have a story behind it, or it's not worth buying.)

So when I saw that Trailer Park Girl was making jewelry, there really was no stopping me......I had to buy a set of her anklets! I've been reading her blog for some time, so of course, I feel like I know her......and I love the title of her blog, "Trailer Park Girl." I grew up in a trailer park and have many fond memories of I like the connection there.

Anyway, so about the anklets! I received them in the mail yesterday, and spent about an hour trying to photograph them. The picture above does not do them justice. (That's a set of 3 strands, intertwined together...but the more, the better!) They have a very fluid and irridescent quality to them that is hard to describe and equally hard to capture on film....but in person, is just amazingly gorgeous. (If I win the lottery tonight, I'm buying about 100 more strands!) Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase!

So, now, I don't know what you're waiting should be clicking on over there and buying some for yourself. You know you want to! (and while you're at it, why don't you buy a few more for me, too!) So go now....go go go!!!

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2004-08-08 - 5:12 p.m.
So last night, I went out partying with a bunch of bloggers to celebrate Mikey's and Francisco's birthdays. Wayyy too much alcohol was consumed, too many toys were played with, wayyy too many photos were taken (I swear I can still see flash bulbs going off in my head!).....and when we got to the motel room, we nearly had an orgy (or did we actually have an orgy?? I don't remember anything after that point!)

But somehow, I got three people to pull down their pants and let me take pictures of their butt for The Butt Project! (See, I got the good photos!) Unfortunately, I can't remember whose butt is who!

So click on over there and see if you can figure out which butt belongs to who......and then submit your own butt! Let's get this project rolling!!
(Warning: Not work safe!)

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2004-08-05 - 11:13 p.m.
Mexico....part 3.
So basically, the itinerary for our day in Mexico went like this:

Leisurely wake up and get off the boat.
Leisurely take the bus into town.
Leisurely find new tour bus that promises lunch, shopping, and tour.
Spend over an hour on bus, racing towards the shopping area.
(*Plug nose when passing by cannery!*)
Shop shop!....for half an hour.
Gulp one cerveza.
Race back to bus!
Sit on speeding bus for over an hour.....hoping we make it back to the boat in time!!
(*Plug nose again when passing cannery!*)
Get off the bus and realize we haven't spent ONE peso (they all wanted US dollars)!
Realize we haven't met our goal of having a shot of Tequila while we were actually on Mexican soil!
Realize we haven't bought anything for anyone that we promised to buy gifts for!

Luckily, we had about 15 minutes left before we had to get on the boat....and there was a duty free store right there (how touristy! Oy.)
This was where we found the gun.

We went into this little "supposedly authentic" duty free liquor store that basically only sold tequila. We asked the owner about different types of tequilas, and sensing we were gringos, he suggested one of his more expensive bottles, that he said was "Ta Keel Ya." It was a glass bottle shaped like a gun (Get it..."tequila" / "to kill ya"), and it came with two "shot" glasses. And to top off the metaphor, it was $45 because it was shaped like a ".45"! Of course, we had to have it! (Such touristos we are!)

Anyway, in the end, Mexico was everything I expected it to be and everything I wanted it to be.....and I sooo didn't expect that! I loved it. I wish I could have been there longer and during happier times....since I was pretty wiped out over the situation with my cat (she is doing quite well now thankfully!) But overall, it was quite fabulous.

Well, goodnight for now.....stay tuned for *The Butt Project* which I will unveil in my next post (and no, TJ, it is not about cigarette butts!!)

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