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2004-08-04 - 9:14 p.m.
Finally....the rest of the Mexico story!

One of the "highlights" of the trip happend as we were on the bus, going through a non descript part of town. There were lots of run down tract houses and shacks, some farm land mixed with vacant land....nothing picturesque....we were just passing through. Then, all of a sudden, everyone on the bus starts laughing and groaning and saying things like "ewwwww!" But I don't see anything, and can't figure out what's going on. I try to ask Alan, but he's busy plugging his nose and can't talk. ( wasn't me!!) It turns out that we passed some sort of cannery, and the stench was practically unbearable. But I have sinus problems, so I have no sense of smell. Alan told me it was the most horrific stench, like nothing he'd ever smelled before! (I guess I was the lucky one..... I couldn't smell a thing!)

When we finally got out to the market, they told us we had an hour to shop (but in reality, it was more like a half an hour!) The place was one long street of shops that led to La Bufadora. And the vendors seemed to have this plan where they basically let you walk down one way unmolested.....but, as you walked back to the bus, that was when the "hard sell" took place!

The vendors would offer us free shots of tequila if we would come in to look at their wares. If you looked at something or asked a price and then walked away, they would follow you....dropping the price lower the farther you walked!

And this is where the drug part of the story comes in.

We were walking back to the bus, and there was this guy shouting out "prescription drugs!!" "Vicodin!!" "Anything you want!!" And I was we went in. I tried to be cool, uninterested.....but I'm sure I had "gringo" written all over me. I ask how much for the Vicodin. He tells me a dollar a pill. As I ponder and start to walk away, he pulls out some Valium. "Would you rather have this??" he asks. No. Then he pulls out some Pecodan. He keeps offering me different stronger drugs, the longer I hesitate over Vicodin. (I have a feeling you really could get anything you want there). Finally, we just walk away.

But we move on and find another shop that's selling marijuana pipes. I'm not really into pot, but these were some very artsy, ornate, blown glass pipes. They were cool enough to have, even if you don't smoke. So we were looking at a couple of them. One was designed in such a way that it had a glass penis inside the shaft of the pipe (if only you could have seen this thing!) Of course, as we walk away, the price just drops drops drops.....from $20 to $7......then, they start offering us free "samples" with purchase!! In the end, we decided not to buy it, but once we got back on the bus we were just shooting ourselves for not buying it (along with the "samples"!) Of course, when we got back to the boat and had to go through Customs, having our bags searched....we were sort of relieved that we didn't have any "samples"!

Oy.....there is so much to tell, you guys should have just come with me!! But as this is getting to be an epically long post.....I'm going to break it up into one more post. So stay tuned.....the pesos and the gun are going to be Part 3.

Goodnight everyone!

(Also, stay tuned for The Butt Project.....details coming soon!)

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