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2003-09-27 - 3:50 p.m.

Tonight.....James Brown at the Hollywood Bowl!
Stay tuned.....

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2003-09-25 - 10:35 p.m.

It's Thursday.....Chicken potpie day at Musso and Frank!
And OMG, there is no describing just have to have it! It arrives at your table in a bubbling crock topped with a flaky puffed pastry lid. The waiter then carefully removes the pastry lid and puts it upside down on the plate.....then he gently spoons the heaps and heaps of chicken, potatoes, pearl onions, peas and the best cream sauce you've ever had....on top of the pastry. (I'm practically swooning right now just thinking about it!) And the chicken pieces were enormous!!! We're not talkin' about some sort of frozen potpie deal.....there had to have been at least 2 full chicken breasts in there! Plenty of food for two people.....we're still stuffed, and we ate hours ago.

I dare you to find a better chicken potpie....anywhere!!

Ok, I'll stop raving now. Oh, and of course, I forgot my camera again, so the picture above is stolen from the website link. (Why do I always forget to take my camera?!!)

Goodnight everyone, I'm going to go dream about chicken potpie...........

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2003-09-24 - 10:49 p.m.
So, as promised, my review of the cheap wine called *White Trash White.*
It all started when we were wandering around a drug store, waiting for a prescription to be filled.......and there it was on a shelf, sandwiched between the overpriced but drinkable wines....and the ultra cheap but undrinkable wines. But the thing that got our attention was the was way too funny. A quote from the label:

"Strategically planted between pumping oil wells and oil sumps are rows of grapevines. This blend of oil and tar-tainted soil lends itself to a wine grape flavor seldom dupilcated throughout the world of viticulture."
It was so silly that we had to buy it. And it had no price on it, so the store manager came up and said, "Oh that!.....I'll give it to you for $3.00. I just want to get rid of it!"

But here's the amazing thing.....that night we had opened a $15 bottle of wine, but it wasn't all that we jokingly decided to do a taste test between the two. Amazingly, the White Trash White was actually better than the expensive wine!! So now I'm dying to try their sparkling wine, Tiny Bubbles. You gotta love people with a sense of humor and a gimmick!

Goodnight everybody......what are you drinking tonight??!

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2003-09-23 - 11:31 p.m.
So what's the deal with people...not calling you back?? Today I called my accountants about something that I thought was important....something they might have been able to charge me a consultation fee for....yet they never called me back.

I've seen this time and again.....with real estate people, car dealers, name it. I would think that if sales is the way you make your'd want to call back any prospect! But no. And it's not just me....really! I've heard this from a lot of people. When I used to work in the rental business, people would be amazed that I was returning their calls.....I would hear over and over, "I'm amazed that someone returned my call!"

What's up with that???! Why don't people return calls?! Especially when there is the potential of money involved. Am I missing something here??

Ok, goodnight everyone.....I know *you guys* would return my call.......wouldn't you?

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2003-09-23 - 11:13 p.m.

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