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2003-09-22 - 11:51 p.m.

So I've just realized that if I turn on my bath tub, but forget to plug the will hold water anyway. But if I plug the plug and fill slowly drains out. Hmmm.
So that means I have a plug that won't hold water, but a drain that will.
Try explaining that to a plumber!

(By the way, I'm looking for advice on cell phones and digital camcorders.......anybody have any thoughts there??? Let me know!)

Goodnight everybody.....I think my tub is...ready?!

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2003-09-21 - 10:10 p.m.
My Brush with Fame.

So yesterday when my Love and I were on the way home from the 3-D Festival, I got a sudden inspiration that we should stop at The Beveryly Hills Hotel for drinks. (Yes, I know, how unusual of me!)

Anyway, we're sitting there at the bar, and this amazingly beautiful 7 foot tall woman with a 15 inch waist, 6 inch gold lame' skirt, and 10 inch tall high heels walks in (yes, I measured! (*wink*)). The very definition of *arm candy.* And she was followed by a somewhat shorter (Ok...a lot shorter), familiar looking man.

Of course everyone at The Beverly Hills Hotel is looking at eveyone else because most people there are somebody....and even if you are nobody, everyone is trying to find out who you are.

So I'm staring at the model...I mean....*arm candy*.....and suddenly realize that her "date" is Bill Maher from the show Politically Incorrect! And although this may have little or no significance to you......that was my ex~boyfriend's most favorite TV show! Can you even begin to feel the amount of envy that he would have if he knew I had been at the Beverly Hills Hotel bar with Bill Maher and his Arm Candy!!! Not to mention Bill kept staring at me all night!

Well, goodnight everyone.....what's your brush with fame??

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2003-09-19 - 9:38 p.m.
Over the past two days, I have experienced both ends of the food chain in Los Angeles....and I have to admit, I rather like the fact that I can go both ways! Maybe I should explain.....I'll start at the bottom:

The Recycling Center. I think I've posted before about the little old woman who rummages through our garbage in the early morning hours. It would appear that she survives off of what little money she gets from recycling our bottles and cans. I've always been intrigued by her and others like her....I've seen them all over town.....they're everything from heroin addicts to people just trying desperately to make ends meet.

Then I read that the people of Los Angeles throw away an astronomical number of plastic water was something like 6 billion bottles a day!! (Ok....maybe it wasn't that many....but you get the idea.)

So I decided to do a little recycling....I wanted to do *my part*.....but I also wanted to find out how much those water bottles were worth. So I saved, and I saved, and I saved. For about two months, I kept every water bottle I put my lips to.....and in the end I had a heaping pile (probably about as many bottles as that little old woman collects after a whole day of rummaging.)

And you know what?! I probably spent more gas driving to the recycling center than I earned turning in the bottles!! I got one dollar and thirty five cents....$1.35!!!!! Hmmmm......well, it did make me ponder a lot of things....and think deep thoughts.....while I was on my drive to *the other end of the food chain.*

The Furrier. Now before you get all up on me about fur....please consider that it is a renewable resource....and vintage fur (which I'm going to talk about) is already dead, so...just be quite! I have this old (vintage) fur bedspread that I got at a flea market years and years ago. (And when I say flea.....I mean it.) I just got it out of storage after all that time, and it is practically falling apart. Yes, I know, this is mostly my fault because I didn't store it properly.....but that's another story.

So today, after my experience at the Recycling Center (where the crowd is a mix of shopping~cart~people~trying~to~make~a~penny and do~good~yuppies~trying~to~save~the~world)......I drove up to Beverly Hills, where the word *snooty* is thought of as a compliment! I went there to find The Furrier. (Amazingly, I could only find one place in all of L.A that could clean and repair fur.)

But the trouble with Beverly Hills is that who ever numbered the streets....couldn't count!! We spent half the day looking for an address on South Robertson....which means nothing because there are multiple *South* Robertson's intermingled with *North* Robertson's....Oy! (Not to mention, the numbers change order on almost every block!)It was really quite bizarre and time consuming. (Maybe they did that to make you have to shop more!) why am I telling you this?! I don't know....but it is always odd to go from one extreme to the other......and consider the contrasts. Especially when the contrast occurs in one town, and in such a short distance. And I don't mind being in one or the other......I love the high end, but I do hate the snootiness. Fortunately, *the furrier*.....even though snooty at first, actually seemed to soften up once he realized that I was not going to be snooty to him. And that's actually a rare quality.

Alright, enough rambling for now.....goodnight everybody. Stay tuned for my review of a wine called "White Trash White." (It's suprisingly good!)

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2003-09-17 - 11:52 p.m.
Diabetic Quote of the Day: "Oh good, maple syrup! It's wiggly.....the honey was not wiggly."

(Ok....maybe you had to have been there.)

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2003-09-16 - 11:22 p.m.

This is the week of the 3-D film you know what we'll be doing all week! Tonight we saw Bwana Devil which was the first major release of a 3-D film in the 1950's. And it was incredibly fun....the actress who was known as *Miss 3-D* in 1953 was actually there to talk about her early films....then they showed a little snippet of one of her films (that was the highlight of the night!)

Anyway, I must go to bed now......we got there early and killed some time by having several cocktails, then we ended the night by having a few more.....Oy! Goodnight everybody.....I'll see you in the 3rd dimension tomorrow!

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