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2003-07-31 - 7:12 p.m.
So the other day, Alan was out talking to our neighbor across the street, and he happend to mention that I was just back after having knee surgery. Well, the neighbor guy said, "that sure must get in the way of all the exercising she does....she's such an exercise fanatic."

First of all, how does this guy know that I exercise at all??! When I do exercise, usually the blinds are closed or I'm in a part of the house where no one can see in from the outside. I'm not in fabulously good shape so I'm not about to flaunt my exercising where everyone can see. So of course, this is creaping me out. I can't figure out how he could possibly know anything about how much I exercise.....and it keeps bugging me! Today I stood outside our house and still could not figure out how he might be able to see where I exercise. Creepy!

Fortunately, he's moving.....but still, it leaves some questions in my mind. What else does he know....what else has he seen?! Am I paranoid??? Probably....hopefully!

Goodnight everyone.....don't forget to close the curtains tonight!

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2003-07-30 - 11:34 p.m.
Look at me, everybody.....I can drive!
So today is the first time since the surgery that I've been able to get behind the wheel....and I'm loving it! You know me....major car person, can't stand when other people drive, hate public transportation. Yet I had to relinquish control of my vehical, and let someone else drive me almost 1000 miles from Seattle (where I had the surgery) San Francisco (where I am now).....Oy! I don't know how I survived. But everything's Ok now.....I can drive, I can reach all the pedals, and hopefully use them well enough so that I won't run anyone over (*wink*)!

And in other news.....I think I discovered a miracle gel. Since the surgery, I've been having a lot of bruising and pain in my calf (which is unusual for what I had done). I talked to my doctor about it, and he gave me some advice.....but it wasn't really helping a lot. Then I remembered that someone had told me Arnica gel is a natural remedy for healing I went out on a search. What I found was Arniflora arnica gel.....I was skeptical, but it's amazing!! Instantly, when I put it on, the tenderness in my leg went away....I couldn't believe it! The bruising and swelling seem to have gone down too. Of course, I've only used it I don't know if this is lasting, or if it's just the "placebo effect"....but so far, my leg feels great. And I haven't had any pain pills today (yay!) I guess time will tell....until then, I'm happy.

So goodnight everyone.....time to take a bath and crawl into bed. Sleep well everyone!

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2003-07-27 - 10:18 p.m.

Long time no blog, eh?! Well, inspired by Gert's heroic effort to summarize every blog on her blog roll.....I'm going to attempt to summarize all the things that have happened over the last few days. If anything begs for more explanation, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thursday: Nearly had a panic attack prior to getting stitches out.....but getting them out was a piece of cake!
Learned that Glucosamine and Chondroitin is a miracle cure after all.....or so they say.
Visited the sink of a thousand faucets (see slide show above) and had drinks (no, not from the the bar, silly!)
Got a flat tire in the middle of what was supposed to be a 4 hour drive to Astoria....ended up having a 7 hour drive to Astoria.

Friday: Finally visited the Goonies house! (see picture below) I can't believe I lived in Astoria for so long and never knew where the house was. It wasn't all that exciting, but I still haven't seen the I'm probably missing something.

Saturday: Got up wayyy too early so I could leave for San Francisco.
Discovered a big pool of transmission fluid under my car.
Turns out, it was not from my car....I had parked in my tenants parking space, over his puddle of transmission fluid.
Spent 15 hours driving/being driven to San Francisco.
It shouldn't have taken that long, but we stopped several times for food and drink....including cocktails in a train car....which was really cool.
Somehow managed to have 5 martinis, 1 Spanish coffee, and 5 pain pills during the course of the day.....and live to tell about it!

Sunday: Is today Sunday?! Oy.
Well today, Alan nearly killed himself when he drove off in his car....and discovered that the brakes had gone out! Luckily he hadn't gone much farther than the driveway.
After that, its just kinda been a day of chillin'.

So goodnight everyone....thanks for checking in. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!

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2003-07-23 - 10:10 p.m.

Of course, I'm supposed to be laying around recovering with my leg propped up on pillows, an ice pack on my knee....but that just gets soooo boring!! So yesterday we decided to take a tour boat cruise of Elliot Bay....(against doctor's orders...but it was great fun!) Unfortunately, there was a bit too much drinking (but that's to be expected with me, right?) We started out having drinks at our favorite bar on the waterfront (thinking that there would be no bar on the boat)....then went to buy our tickets. Well, as it turned out, we had just missed the boat and it would be an hour until the next one......but there was a bar right near the ticket booth, so no problem! Then finally when the boat arrived, we poured ourselves on, only to realize there's a bar on the boat! So, yes, we had another drink....I mean, how could I say no to having a cocktail on the boat?!

Anyway, it was a perfect day for a cruise.....swelteringly hot and sunny (but cool on the water), being mid-week, there were very few people on the boat....fabulous! Then we had to take the trolley back to our car (since I'm still supposted to be recovering, not walking all over town)....but things start to get a bit fuzzy at that point (probably something to do with 4 cocktails and a small handfull of pain pills.) I know we had dinner with some friends after that, and probably yet another cocktail.....but I don't even want to think about that!

Today was much more tame, but still I haven't been following my doctor's orders exactly.....and tomorrow I have to see him....hmmm. Hopefully he won't be too hard on me. I have to have my stitches taken out, but I'm not sure they're ready yet....and I'm also driving (being driven) back to Oregon tomorrow. So as you can tell, I'm not really looking forward to all that. Although it will be good to get back to my own place in Oregon......we've been staying at Alan's Mom's house in Seattle through all of this....and although that's been Ok, I'd still rather be at home (you know?)

Anyway.....sorry this has been such a rambly post....but, hey, I'm on drugs still, Ok?! And the next few more days, posting will probably continue to be sparse as I travel and recover.....but I'll try to get back to my regularly scheduled programming early next week.

So stay tuned everybody.....goodnight!

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