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2003-04-08 - 12:10 a.m.
You know those silly quiz's that we all love to do? Well, today I found out that at least one of them had been hacked (Which Soda Are You?). So instead of showing which shows an obscenity. I discovered it when I was checking my archives for something else....and there it was! I've since deleted the offending post....and now I'm slowly working through my archives to see if there's anything else. If you did any of those quiz's, you might want to check your archives just in case.

Hackers suck!!!!

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2003-04-06 - 11:32 p.m.

Check this...I just got the teeniest tiniest little digital camera...and it is soooo cute! The amazing thing is that in some ways it actually rivals my million dollar Nikon camera! For one thing, it's much easier to carry around.....and I don't live in fear of dropping it (since I can wear it on a little chain around my neck!).......and the pictures are fabulous! (see below). The only draw back so far is that you can't see the photos until you download them (but that's how photography used to be!)....and the battery doesn't seem to last very long. Other than that, I'm lovin' it! And it even shoots video. Too cool!!

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2003-04-05 - 11:16 p.m.

Usually when my Love and I go out in search of something exotic and picturesque it means we're looking for a picturesque bar that serves exotic drinks. But this weekend we wanted to do something entirely we went hiking! (Yes, that's right, hiking!!) In real life, this is a word that rarely enters our vocabulary.

So we drove to Temescal Canyon Park with a goal of hiking to the wooden foot bridge overlooking the falls. Now first of all, let me say that the words "steep" and "gravelly" apply heavily to this trail.....and the word "trickle" applies heavily to the falls. (Note, I have no pictures of the "falls" here.)

But we actually had a great time! And in the end I gained fame as the "barefoot hiker!" Due to my history of knee problems, I find it very easy to hike up....but extremely difficult to hike I take my shoes off. Yes, I know this sounds insane....but I can somehow feel my way along and be more steady if I have bare feet (and I have feet of steel!) I hiked most of the mile downhill in bare feet. And let me tell you.....people think you are really strange hiking down a steep gravelly hill with naked feet! But it works for me....and I find it actually much more comfortable than wearing shoes. (I'm just weird that way, ok?)

And our reward for the day was ending up at Dukes Barefoot Bar (funny cooincidence on the name there!) where we cooled our heels...and had some exotic cocktails overlooking the picturesque ocean!

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