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2002-06-09 - 11:39 p.m.
I have just had my site reviewed by the diary review people. I'm not sure I entirely agree with their assessment.....but then most of the reviewers are less than half my age...some not even out of maybe I should cut them some slack.

Or....maybe I should review their site! Ooooh good idea!!!

Well....first...I don't care much for their layout....not much "curb appeal" (to steal a real estate marketing phrase)....and their site doesn't seem to work very well: when you click on their "currently reviewing" list...the links don't work. Also their "email us" link has problems. I tried emailing them about their link problem but got some complicated error message back. Hmmm. Their "hostess" link doesn't seem to work either....hmmmm.

I was going to take their link off my page (to clean up some of the clutter they said I had so much of) but I am getting so many hits from their review....that I thought I should leave it there as a thank you!

Am I bitter????, actually...I feel much better now!! (Oh, wait.....they want me to show more emotion.....OK....I feel sooo much better now that I'm weeping! How's that?!?!)

Goodnight all! I'll be cheerier in the morning.....I promise!

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2002-06-08 - 10:57 p.m.
The saga continues: Today I threaded the Genie.

First, let me say.....when you get your Sewing Genie and you need help (and you will), I am here to help...somewhat. If you have never sewn before...or it's been at least 15 years since your last sew....threading the thing for the first time can be a chore. (It took me almost a whole bottle of wine to get that darned thing threaded!) The instruction manual just does not cut the mustard. As an example, they use the term "pressure foot," "presser foot," (and my favorite) "puesser foot" to refer to the same thing. It's very confusing. And at least one of their photos on how to thread the bobbin is completely incorrect. (I will try to post a more helpful photo tomorrow....since this was my most difficult stumbling block...and now I have it figured out.)

Maybe if you are good at sewing....perhaps if you sew all the time....this might have been quite easy. But the commercial leads one to believe that you can just whip the thing out and start sewing! Well....think again! However....I was actually able to get the machine threaded with a new color of thread and sew about 3 inches of test material....and about one inch came out fine. Yay!

So really...the hard part is over! It seems to work. It is a bit loud....but not terribly so.......alhough I haven't heard a sewing machine in a long time....I'm sure those new super deluxe ones are as quiet as a luxury car. (And just as heavy!) When I last sewed, they sounded like a diesel truck in need of a tune up! The Genie considerably quieter.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make something tangible......stay tuned!

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2002-06-07 - 11:31 p.m.

The Sewing Genie saga continues.....fabric has been bought.....and procrastination has set in!

Actually, it took most of the day to drive to two fabric stores to find fabric that I am willing to feed to my precious little Sewing Genie!(see picture above) OK....I'm procrastinating.....but really, I will try sewing tomorrow!.... Really!

And so what if I don't know how to hard can it be??? (Don't answer that!) I should know.....sometime during my schooling, I took sewing....and found it to be such a fluff course that I took it again! Did I learn anything? to get other people to sew for you! But this time, it's going to be different.....(I can't let you people down!).....and if I can sew with the Sewing Genie (and actually make something).....then you should get one! But....I have a feeling it's not going to be that easy.......stay tuned!

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2002-06-07 - 5:37 p.m.
Right now, everybody should just click on over to Zelda.....she's telling stories from her trip to Hawaii and it's fabulous. Even though I've been there several times (as a child)....she makes me want to go back! What are you waiting for?! Click now....go, go,go!

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2002-06-06 - 11:33 p.m.

Yay! I have the Sewing Genie!!

It's funny I was just ranting that it was taking so long to get the thing, that my shipping address had changed...then today we get an email saying that it's there(at the old address) waiting to be picked up! Well, it's taken about 8 weeks to get there....but finally I have it.

Now, according to my readers, some have received their Sewing Genies much more quickly....but, they also say that the thing is a bit noisy. Well, I haven't tried mine out yet....I've only just got it out of the box. And getting it out of the box can be an important maneuver: I ordered the accessory power adapter (you must order this, unless you have an unlimited supply of batteries) first, I didn't think they had included it in the box! Then, as I unwrapped the thing, I found that they had tucked it inside the Sewing Genie....but then....I thought they had packed the adapter instead of the "foot pedal"! Oh no! But, as I was throwing away all the extra packaging, I happened to notice that one piece of packaging had the foot pedal hidden inside of it!! So make sure you examine every piece of packing material !

I guess I'm writing all this because I'm skeptical of all those "as seen on TV" things...but at the same time fascinated enough to order something! Please keep giving me your comments....we all want to know! And I will continue to give you updates as I try to get the "Genie" up and working! Stay tuned!!!!

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