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2006-05-17 - 11:43 p.m.
Friends don't let friends go to Canter's....unless the goal is to let the friend become completely mezmerized by the humongous menu. (Don't even look at the online menu, it doesn't begin to cover the miryad of food offerings! And who knew there was a Canter's in Vegas?!)

Over the years Canter's has sold over:

* 2 Million Pounds of Lox
* 9 Million Pounds of Corned Beef
* 10 Million Matzo Balls
* 20 Million Bagels
* 24 Million Bowls of Chicken Soup

But I digress. If you should happen to be dragged to Canter's (OK, I'm trying to play innocent here. I actually dragged my friend to Canter's) Try hard to stay away from their pastry display. I can't even pronounce some of the things I bought! And $20 goes a long way when it comes to light flaky pastry. Although one of the items I bought was not so light....oooh but it was flaky and creamy and chocolaty goodness. But upon picking it up, I realized that I would propably gain more than the *pound!* that it weighed if I ate it all. So that's definitely going in the freezer!

Argh. One of the joys and torments of living in Los Angeles is the incredible variety of food! No wonder the famous/skinny people here have full time trainers and dieticians. I need that! And a chef, a driver, a personal assistant, a butler, a book keeper, a wine steward, a maid, a sugar daddy.......

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2006-05-15 - 8:12 p.m.
My parents sooo do not understand this internet/blogging thing. A few days ago I told my mom that I might be having some "internet friends" come to visit for a few days. She seemed sort of OK with it at the time, but of course she doesn't really know what the internet is, much less what blogging is. So today I get a call from my dad: "What's this about you having strangers you met on the internet come into your home???!!!!"

I tried to explain to him that these are people who are friends of friends that I actually know in person, but he still didn't like the idea. Of course, what I didn't tell him was that these "internet friends" are actually friends of friends that I met through other friends of friends on the internet, and the only "friend" I know "in person" I only met once in Las Vegas several years ago. (Six degrees of separation, if you will.)

Then my dad asked why I was paying for these people to come and stay in my home.


I decided to try and change the subject.

(No, I am not paying! Oy. Mom and Dad need to get with the program!)

Hopefully, (after this post!), these internet dwellers will actually show up at my dwelling sometime at the end of this month or so. If I'm still alive after their visit, I will reveal their well as what they did to me! Be warned, people....who knows what will happen?!

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2006-05-13 - 9:07 p.m.

I can't seem to get enough palm trees, photos, or new cameras into my life. This is a test shot from my new camera. You can probably expect to be overloaded with photos from now on, because I LOVE my new cam!

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