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2005-09-28 - 4:58 p.m.
Is it Los Angeles or just the times we live in? Today, while out running errands, I was passed by four Bomb Squad trucks with their lights on and sirens blaring. They were heading in the direction that I was heading, but for some reason, I wasn't really all that concerned.

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2005-09-27 - 5:13 p.m.

Need some pink sunglasses?? Check out my Ebay listings! I'll be adding more stuff each day, so check back often. (Things to come: fine linens, clothes, nautical lamps, more car related stuff, toys and lego kits, name it! I've got a grab bag of stuff to sell!)

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2005-09-25 - 10:58 p.m.
Tonight I had a conversation with my father that I never ever thought I would have. He and my mom have always been quite squeamish when it comes to the topic of sex. They had a major freak out when they learned that I was going to be naked on TV!

So here's the thing. My father is recovering from hip replacement surgery, he's 68. He's not really all that computer savvy, so he calls me from time to time to help figure out downloads and things. Tonight he needed help downloading a program so he could view a medical site. After some trial and error we got it figured out, but it didn't have the info he was looking for.

He was looking for info on how to have "bedroom activities" (sex!) after his surgery!

You know, I didn't really want to think that much about my parents "bedroom activities"...I also didn't want to know that his doctor had told him he needed to be on the bottom. Do you really EVER want to know about your parents sexual habbits???!!!!!

Yes, I am known for going to strip clubs and being interested in wildly sexual things (Hi Mom and Dad...I hope you're not reading this!)....and I am happy that they do have that great of a relationship even now......but can someone say "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!!!!"

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2005-09-20 - 8:08 p.m.
Could someone please come and do my laundry for me?

I don't mind doing laundry when I'm in Astoria. I have my own million dollar washer that slices, dices, chops, and folds!

But in L.A., I have to lug my load down to the lobby and pay! This is assuming I have enough quarters to play the machines (which I usually don't.) Then I have to hope that one of the machines is available (which there usually isn't.)

Take tonight for example. I lugged everything down about an hour ago.....all machines were full, but they were at the end of cycle. I figured that any polite person would come down in a timely fashion to retrieve their garments. So I hauled my load back up, and got busy for half an hour, allowing who ever to come get their laundry.

Take two. I haul my stuff back down....and run into the culprit. He informs me that there are no machines available because he has already done FIVE loads and has THREE more to go after the ones he has in now are done washing!!!!


As I ride back up in the elevator with him, he joyously tells me how he just buys new clothes until he can't stand it anymore and has to do the wash. "I'm a bachelor!" he says proudly.


Maybe he should be buying ME some new clothes!

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