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2005-09-08 - 11:45 p.m.
Click here for the top ten definitions of what FEMA stands for.

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2005-09-08 - 1:09 a.m.

Out of context quote of the day:

ME: "Don't you think it's odd that after sitting on me all day in the car, she still wants to sit on me??"

HIM: "Well, I want to sit on you."

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2005-09-06 - 10:46 p.m.
Hey look....I'm on the internet again....Part Deux.

So I'm on the Oregon coast, in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, staying in a tiny motel that's been here since early in the last century, there are no phones, I can't get a cell phone signal......but I can get on WIRELESS INTERNET!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

After days of being on dial~up at 33.6 (do you even know how slowwww that is?!), high speed wireless is positively orgasmic!

Tomorrow, we will continue heading south to the Bay Area, but I don't know how far we'll get or what the access will be like, so it may be a bit silent around here for a few more days. But when I do get back, I'll post up a bunch of photos and try to remember the goofy highlights of our trip.

In other news, I was being silly the other day and put on Alan's glasses just to see how I looked.....and discovered that with them on, I can see! I never knew my eyes were so off. So, when I'm driving, I've been wearing his glasses! I guess this means I'll be getting glasses when we get back.

All for now.....stay tuned....I'll be home soon!

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2005-09-03 - 5:06 p.m.
Hey look~I'm back on the internet again. Finally.

So much has been happening lately, that I really have not had time to blog. And in light of the recent tragedy, I haven't been sure of what to say. So many other people have expressed so eloquently the sadness of it all.

We normally don't watch much TV, but over the last few days I've been staying at a place that had cable, so we had CNN on most of the time, trying to wrap our minds around what was happening. The ominousness of it all has gradually surrounded us as we checked on friends who lived in the area.....finding out who was missing, who was Ok. Then on our drive back to Oregon from Seattle, we saw gas stations that had run out of gas and prices rising to $3.29/gallon. That really hit home the enormity of all this. (Is this what they call the "Trickle Down Effect"???!)

This weekend we had planned to have a big sale at the shop because usually a holiday weekend is an amazingly good sale time. But this time, almost no one is coming in. There is very little traffic. People are afraid to use what gas they have. And they are also, hopefully, spending their extra cash on the relief effort as opposed to buying frivolous antiques. Or they're hording it, in fear of what's coming next.

Ironically (perhaps?), the room attendant at our hotel was named Katrina. Cooincidence? Who knows.

I had really meant to blog about all the fun and goofy things we've been doing on our trip, but I thought I needed to acknowledge this whole unfolding disaster. The thing that has troubled me the most about it, is the violence that has followed. Yes, in some ways, I suppose it is to be expected. But the horror stories we're hearing are beyond what I can comprehend. After 9/11, we all banded together, we were all one. Now our country has deteriorated to this.

Let's get together, people. Let's overcome this. It's everybody's problem now.

(*I'll try to get back to happy stories tomorrow.*)

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