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2003-12-27 - 6:06 p.m.
I just stumbled upon this new blog which I absolutely love.....even though there's only 4 entries so far! But I think she's got some great potential there......and like me, she likes to drink gin (gotta love that!). So click on over and check her out, especially her first entry (it's a bit lengthier than the others, but it's fabulous!)

What are you waiting for?? Go go go!!!

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2003-12-25 - 8:39 p.m.
Well on my first night of filling in for the apartment manager....sure enough, the power has gone out, and the hot water tank is dead too (I was pretty sure we had a gas hot water tank which wouldn't have been affected by a power outage....hmmm). The power company says it will be about 12 hours until they can come out and survey the problem. Oy!

Of course this means I've been dining on nothing but champagne since about 4pm. I keep coming up with clever things to instant soup with the steaming hot water that alway comes out of the faucet.....then I realize, we have no hot water! I briefly considered dragging the microwave down to the car and plugging it in to one of my many power jacks......until I realized I could only plug in something that takes 12 volts or less (such as a laptop). And I may well be needing to plug in my laptop soon! Also my cell phone is going dead and I'm running out of candles. Hmmmm.

So how's your Xmas been??

I think I may actually try to brave the storm and walk down to the little convenience store down the street.....I hear they still have power. Not quite sure what I would buy there....maybe more champagne.....or better yet, Jack Daniels.....Oh! even better, Wild Turkey. Yeah that's the ticket!

Well goodnight everybody......hope your holidays are at least....well lit!

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2003-12-24 - 9:51 p.m.

Merry Xmas everybody!

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2003-12-22 - 12:33 p.m.
Well, nothing too exciting happening here these last few days.....just trying to get all the Xmas shopping done, wrapped up and mailed. Haven't done anymore body painting or anything exotic like that. I'm sure I had more to tell you about all that, but I'm really not sure what now.....too much champagne, I think.

In other news, I finally decided not to hire that sleaze ball attorney that I had mentioned in an earlier post. I just had a gut feeling that he was not going to work out. Every time I called him, he had a new of them didn't even know how to pronounce his name! Then he sent me that agreement letter which said his fees were double what we had discussed. After days of trying to contact him about that, he finally calls me back after the due date he gave me for returning the letter. Of course, he blames all this on the fact that he has a new assistant!

Anyway, we agree on what the fees will be, but the letter requests that I send the fees in advance....before I can even get an appointment. Well, this doesn't seem right to me at all, especially since I've never met this guy.....and he's nearly impossible just to get on the phone. So I send his letter back with a cover letter of my own, telling him that I would be glad to bring the money when I meet him in person.....that since this is a substantial amout of money, I just don't feel comfortable sending it off to him with out at least an appointment.

Well, of course, that gets his attention, and he calls me right set up a time that we can discuss this issue on the phone. The issue of the money. But he can't talk right then, we need to schedule this! Oy. So finally we talk, and he tells me that it is the strict policy of his firm that his fees (retainer) must be paid in advance. We go back and forth on this issue, and he gives me a big long spiel about how his time is money, and how he is one of the most prominent and important attornys in his field, etc. And his tone and attitude is completely snooty. Then he says, "Obviously, you haven't dealt with many attorneys before!" Oy.

Now the thing is, I have dealt with attorneys before. When I lived in Seattle, my attorney was a partner at one of the most prominent law firms there, and when I moved to Oregon, I had a very high powered land-use attorney in Portland. Neither of these guys requested any money until we had met face to face. Sure, they did want a retainer, but that was discussed at our first meeting. But Mr. Sleaze Ball attorney tells me that I'm being naive.....that all attorneys require a huge retainer prior to setting up a time to meet. Yeah right! Then he tells me that because I didn't get the letter back to him on time (his fault!) that he really doesn't think he'll be able to meet with me after all.

Well, alrighty then!

But it's all for the best.....I really didn't have a good feeling about him, even from the beginning. And we have somewhat changed directions with our project anyway, so that we don't really need an attorney at this point. But it was very frustrating.....I hate it when somebody talks down to me about something like that, when they have no idea what my background and experience is. That is not the kind of person I want representing me!

So anyway, that's what's been going on here. Tomorrow I'm heading back to L.A. to fill in for the apartment manager while he goes on vacation.......keep your fingers crossed that I don't burn the building down while he's away!

See ya later everybody.......

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2003-12-18 - 11:20 p.m.

So the last few days have been sort of odd.

Yesterday, I had an Abyanda massage where they attempted to find my "dosha." I learned that my dosha is "pitta", meaning fire...(of course!), but if you've ever heard the term, "I've been rubbed the wrong way,"'ll know exactly how I felt. This was not exactly a relaxing massage....and it was not my thing. Fortunately, at the end they let you soak in a super deep hot tub, which makes you forget about all you've been through during the massage!! I would definitely go back to Kabuki Springs again, but I would not do the Abyanda again. (Next time I'm getting the Swedish massage, with the hot tub relaxation!)

Then today, I was covered head to toe in tempera paints for a photo shoot. No, I don't have any photos just yet, but it was really incredibly fun. Think finger painting for kids, but for adults instead. There was paint everywere....even after we were done with the photos, I wanted to keep playing with the paints. It was silly, but too much fun.

And now I've had too much champagne.....and I haven't even told you about the crazy dive restaurant we went to, where the mother and daughter waitress team were doing their best to emulate Mae West, long after her prime....oy!

Weird night, eh?! Stay tuned.

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2003-12-16 - 12:06 p.m.
Are you having trouble figuring out what to buy for all those people on your Xmas list? Well, no you can buy them *nothing.* Amazingly, there is actually a website where you can pay $2.95 to get a "certificate of nothing." Oy! Why didn't I come up with this idea?! It's such a simple, stupid, wickedly clever idea......make money selling nothing. Argh! I love it!!

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