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2003-05-30 - 11:22 p.m.
Tony Bourdain. There was a time when I couldn't stand the seemed that every other commercial on the Food Network was for his show. I was NOT going to watch that show! But then I watched the show. The first time, I was trying to convince myself that I did not LIKE that show. A few shows later, I was completely hooked (how did this happen?!) Now his show is one of the only reasons I don't cancel the cable!

So about a month ago, I get the newsletter from Powell's Books (one of my fav bookstores), that says Mr. Bourdain is going to be there May birthday!! But I had already made plans to meet the fabulous there was no way I could go. Oy! Well, with nothing to lose, I emailed Powell's in hopes that they might know the rest of his book tour schedule...and no less than four people replied back! They were sooo helpful...and emailed me the dates he would be in California. Yay!

So last night I went to the book signing.....and I'm in love (oops! sorry Alan....I mean, I found him to be such a great speaker!) *wink*

He really was a great speaker....his sense of humor and spontaneous honesty are the things that attracted me to his show in the first place.....he has no shame!

But at a book signing....what do you say?? The room is full of pseudo~groupies, house wives, people who have no life but want their brush with fame, and people trying to make it in the business. The guy probably gets asked the same questions a hundred times a week!

So I decided to not say too much (I asked one question during the Q&A) and gave him my card (with this website on it) while he was signing my book. But I wish I had said more....or stuck around until the end.....he seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn't necessarily turn down the idea of going drinking with a couple of strangers. Hmmmm......

Well he is going to be at Huntington Beach tomorrow.

I am NOT a groupie!!!

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2003-05-30 - 12:14 a.m.

Ask me about Tony Bourdain tomorrow. I promise to post something coherent then.....but for now I must go to bed! Sleep well everyone!

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2003-05-29 - 12:05 a.m.
Sorry for the sparse posting this week (seems I always get the most hits just when I stop posting....hmmmm, maybe I should learn something from this!) Anyway, it seems to be social week right now....meeting new people and entertaining old friends. We just got back from having drinks with one of Alan's old work buddies. This fellow is a real character, let me tell you. He's almost 7 feet tall (and I'm not exaggerating)....and his girlfriend is just as tall. As it turned out, he was actually wearing his girlfriend's thongs (shoes!).....but didn't realize it until he left the house. I think that says a lot about both of them!!

It's been quite a night (you should have been there).....but it's time to go to bed! See you tomorrow everyone....make sure you have the right shoes on!

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