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2002-06-14 - 10:50 a.m.'s one last update on the Sewing Genie. According to one of my faithful readers, there is actually a Sewing Genie look a like out there that can be had for $20. And it does buttons! However, there does seem to be one drawback.... I couldn't find anyway to order the AC adapter that they so proudly tell you is not included. Hmmm. Well, if anyone out there has the SewEasy please let me know what you think (also, let me know if you were able to get the power cord!!) Thanks!

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2002-06-14 - 12:51 a.m.
As I write this, my Love is sitting across the room from me, hiccupping!! I know, you all have come to expect me to say something exciting and provactive....(uh huh)....but it's very hard to write when hiccupping is going on!

Sorry! I'll get back to the, we went out in search of Scotch. On the surface, that sounds like a simple plan (and, no...this is not why there is hiccupping! OK...maybe it is....)......but we were in search of some very specific Scotch's....and we wanted them in those tiny airline size bottles. (See, it get's more complicated.)

We have this "Single Malt Home Tasting Kit"....but you have to go out and buy all the Scotch.....and that's not cheap! You'd have to spend almost $200 to get all the different types of Scotch! So today, we've been crawling around Los Angeles trying to find those little mini airline size bottles....after all, we just want a taste! (Uh huh)!

Anyway....we found everything but!!....lots of cheese, olives, gourmet chips, wine and champagne. (And I think we have now imbibed all of the above!!)!

But the search goes on!! If anyone out there knows of a place in L.A. (I know there's one in San Fransisco) that has a huge selection of tiny bottles...especially of Scotch, please let me know!!

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2002-06-11 - 10:55 p.m.
NEW NEIGHBORS! Yes....another new neighbor has moved in. On the surface this is no big deal. But let's just deal with the big picture, shall we?!

Here's the thing.....this person has just moved in and now has tons of empty boxes (about 30...yes, I counted). As she was stacking them next to the communal dumpster, I happened to be out on my I called out to her, and offered to help her flatten all the boxes. (when I moved in I was told it would be greatly appreciated if all boxes would be flattened)....she responded that she didn't need my help because the manager (of the building) would do it!


Let's stop for a moment so I can put this in another context.

Let's say you owned your own house (which I happen to, but I also rent this apartment...I know, it's complicated, but stick with me)....and say you just move in to your new house and have tons of empty boxes to get rid of. Who's going to do that for you??? Oh.......YOU!!!

So why should you expect someone else to flatten all your boxes just because you move into an apartment?!?!?

The manager here is the sweetest guy....he bends over backwards to make sure every thing is running smoothly.....and I'm sure he would flatten her boxes without complaint!! But why should he have to???

Tell me people....isn't this new neighbor asking a bit too much???!

(Please....don't misunderstand me...I love this place....check some of my previous posts.....but it would be nice if...if...if....well, you get the idea.)

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2002-06-11 - 5:25 p.m.
Yay!!! I just got my tickets for The Rolling Stones!! And my seats are really close to the stage!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! But wait.....the tickets are for Pac Bell San NOVEMBER......isn't Pac Bell Park an open air stadium??????? Does anyone know??? I can't seem to find out. Will I be finally seeing The Rolling Stones up close and personal....but in the cold...and possibly rain??? Oh no!

If anyone out there knows....PLEASE let me know....Thanks!!

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2002-06-11 - 9:39 a.m.
Hey look! I've made it on to The Group Captain's "Currently auditioning" list! Click on over there and say hello to the good Captain....and sign his Guest Map (after you sign mine, of course!!)

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2002-06-10 - 11:48 p.m.
Can everybody say, "ROAD TRIP!!!" That's right! I'm taking another trip.....this time to Hearst Castle.

Have you ever seen Citizen Cane?? (The best movie ever made!) is loosely (some say completely) based on the life of William Randolf Hearst and Marion Davies and the Castle. If you haven't seen it, you must go out and rent it right now!....then you'll understand why I want to go there. And you simply have to read Marion Davies book, The Times We Had. If all that doesn't make you want to go to Hearst Castle, then just don't even talk to me anymore!!!

After that, we are going to be completely decadent and stay at The Madonna Inn...where each of their 109 rooms is decorated differently, and in a really outlandish fashion! We've booked the Daisy Mae room...which supposedly has the most deluxe waterfall shower in the whole place! (Woo hoo!) You should really click through all their's a scream! Also, be sure to check out the The Steak doesn't get any more kitschy than that!!

So that's the plan so far....stay tuned!!!

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2002-06-10 - 6:34 p.m.
Alright....this is my last post about the Sewing Genie....and then I will move on to a new topic...I promise! My end all feeling is that it's worth the money....if you want one, go ahead and buy it....but make sure you get the power adapter (they offer you this at the end, after you think you've placed your order....they also offer other accessories then too....I recommend getting them, since there is no way to order these things least, not that I know of.) The only real draw back that I can see, is that the thing is sooo tiny, it might be difficult if you were working with a big piece of fabric. Also, there is no that adds the extra step of having to stop, and turn the material around if you want to go back over a seam. And there is only one type of stitch available....but it should do for most projects.

Other than that, I think it's might even encourage me to sew more because it's sooo small, and easy to use (once you get it threaded!!). I was actually able to sew a pillow case (woo hoo!!) with some heavy weight fabric, and it worked just fine. (Don't know about slinky, light weight fabric, guess is that might be a speck more difficult.) Oh...and about that threading thing....I know I promised a picture, but I couldn't seem to take one that would be my advice is.....look carefully at how the bobbin is placed, before you take it out....look at it and memorize exactly how the white dots line up...the picture in the manual is not correct.

Anyway....good luck.....keep giving me your comments....I want to hear how it works out for you. And don't forget to sign my Guest Map!!!!!

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