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2002-05-05 - 11:11 p.m.

Well, hello again! Sorry there was no post yesterday....I even had a phone line....but I didn't want to spoil the ambiance with technology! If you stay at Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir, California, you'll understand what I mean.

We arrived in the dark after a long day of driving, so all we could see were the dim lights of the dining car ( which was closed) and some low lights coming from the windows of train cars that were spread amongst the trees....but it looked amazing. It was sooo quiet....the kind of quiet you only get when you are in the woods, up in the mountains. In the distance we could here the sound of frogs and a river or waterfall. After we checked in, we drove a short distance and parked at our own caboose! Inside, we were suprised that it was actually quite had a queen bed, a twin bed, and a bunk bed! The decor was a cross between modern, rustic, and out of date.....but it was clean and actually quite charming in it's own special way. So we unloaded the car, poured ourselves a couple of martinis and stayed up way too late! (exploring the grounds and pouring more martinis)

Anyway, this is really a fabulous place...much better than we had expected. You must stay here!!

But now here I am staying up way to late I'll give you part two tomorrow. Remind me to tell you about The House of Glass, The Basshole, and The Olive Pit!!!!


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