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2002-05-07 - 7:41 p.m.

Well I have nothing too exciting to post today. It was just an ordinary day of hanging out and getting caught up on mail and stuff. Tomorrow should be good, though. We're going up to the Napa country!! taste lots of wine and champagne...and eat good food...and spend too much money! But I just love doing that!

Yesterday, we went into the city (San Francisco)to go to The Cliff House. The picture above is taken from there. For some reason, I am obsessed with this place....but that's a long story...not for now.(By the way...if you click on the picture above it will take you to a site about Sutro Baths which was part of The Cliff House's not my site, but it will give you some good background about the place) Anyway, we had drinks and snacks there and took pics...but it was terribly windy, so we didn't stay as long as I'd have liked.

After that we went to Cafe Neibaum-Coppola and had pizza and did tastings of 8 different wines. I guess you can tell we like to eat and drink too much!

Anyway....tune in tomorrow, and I'll tell you about all the wineries we go to....that is, if I can still type after visiting all the wineries!

See ya!

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2002-05-07 - 12:43 a.m.
Road Trip, part two:

Yesterday, I only told you about the train cars, so today I thought I should give you some more details about our travels. To begin with, we left Astoria, Oregon to drive to Dunsmuir, California in one day (about 8 hours). I've driven this stretch of road so many times now, that it's become a very familiar drive.( although, usually I just go all the way to San Fransisco in one day ...12 hours with no stops), but we were in vacation mode, so we made many stops along the way.....

Our first destination was Huber's, the oldest restaurant in Portland, Oregon. When you go there, you must order the Spanish Coffee.....if you don't...I just won't respect you! They make a whole production of it....they come to your table and pour each liqeuer with one hand, into glasses that they are swirling and moving about with the other hand... (without spilling a drop).....then they light a match with one hand!...and light the whole thing on fire!!! have to see this....and the resulting drink is...shall we say...intoxicating! And then it's so good, that when you realize you are only two hours into your eight hour order another! we're on the road again....and we're ready to rock!...I mean drive....for hours and hours...and we finally end up at the Railroad Park Resort. We loved this place...but really, check my previous post for pictures and all....

Next day we set off to reach San Fransisco, but decide to back track into Dunsmuir to have breakfast at The House of Glass. You can see this place from the freeway....I've been driving by it for years, and always wanted to stop but never did. This time we had to.....and it was worth it. It's an amazing time travel experience back into the 50's....or perhaps earlier than that! But, clearly, nothing has changed since whatever era they built it! (Sorry no pics just now) But sooo good! We both had omlettes....incredible omlettes!! we stopped at "The Basshole" in Lakehead, California. Why? Because of the name. I had seen a bumbper sticker on one of my many drives that said something like "I've been drinkin' at the basshole"......and I was, of course we had to go! (Some time later I'll expand on why I like these divey dive places). was truely one of those "out in the middle of nowhere" bars....part bait and tackle shop...part tavern and bar....part restaurant.....mainly run out of a large corrugated metal shed. When I asked for a martini, the woman behind the bar had to yell for someone else to make the drink because it was too complicated! But finally a guy looking like Willy Nelson's brother walked behind the bar and made me a great martini, poured a beer for my Love...and told us logging stories while we drank. It was actually quite fun. I didn't take a picture because it was so unpicturesque....(if anyone from the Basshole is reading this......I loved your make great drinks......but I need a better photo opportunity!) the only photo I took there was of Jack's..... which is in front of The Basshole (hiding it!)

I know I promised to tell you about The Olive Pit but it's been another long day....and my Love is wondering why I keep bloggging instead of getting into check out their site....I'm going to bed!!!! See you tomorrow!

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2002-05-06 - 9:43 p.m.

I'm just about to give you part two of yesterday's story....but first, I felt it necessary to give a quick tip o' the hat to Gert...Not only have I made it into "Blogs that I like" (upgraded from just "auditioning for my blogroll")but she's given me the whole United States!!

Click on over there to figure out what I'm talking about while I write today's post.

Thank you, Gert!!

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