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2005-08-23 - 6:49 p.m.
(Warning: My longest post ever!)

So in lieu of original content from myself (I seem to be speechless these days, have you noticed?) I will present to you my never~before~seen blogroll! These are a few of my favorite things (in no particular order....and if I left you out, it's because I'm a ditz, you don't post anymore, or I just don't love you hard feelings, Ok? Also, this list will be updated as I continue to run across new blogs, and/or get permission from certain blog owners to post their links.):

Marn. What can I say about Marn?! She is the 50 something couch potato turned marathon runner....and one of the BEST writers on the net. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry, she'll shame you, she will wallow in her own another life, I think she was a stand up comedienne.

Alex at Just Us Chickens. This woman, I consider family. We've never met, never talked on the phone, but through her posts, I feel like we have soooo much in common. Someday, we'll have to get together and dish the dirt. Check her blog for a lot of insight, intimacy, humor, food, family, and hard core gun toting women that you don't want to mess with!

Jon. The curmudgeon. The hermit. The cantakerous. The WoW player. The one who hasn't posted much in a while, but shows signs of a come back.

Jadedju. Everybody's favorite lesbian turned non lesbian, we think. Doesn't update nearly enough, but is worth the wait. Can go from hilariously funny to down right poignant (just try spelling that word!) in a single bound. (This holds true of Marn, too. Not the lesbian thing, but the funny/poignant thing.)

Trailer Park Girl. Affectionatley known as either TPG or Jenny, she is just funkadelic. A city girl in a country girl's body...or a country girl in in a city girl's body. Rides her bike wearing platform shoes, takes a flask with her when jogging. Makes her own wine from wild fruit. Is able to live in a truck in major style for weeks at a time. I'm envious of her free spirit.

Waferbaby. Currently on hiatus, but regularly updates his "hiatus info" page. He will make a comeback, and I'm sure it will be worth the wait. He's my favorite Australian coding maniac.

Laura Swisher. I was on one eposode of her TV show, Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. I was nude, she was dressed....she was wearing heels, tight jeans, tight top.....she looked fabulous. Flawless skin. Perfect hair. An amazing comedienne. I was naked.

Woody. Awww, Woody. He's the blog you gotta love....and you gotta love his comments on other blogs. Somehow, he lived only about an hour away from me, but we never he's moved to Texas! Then, he actually made a trip out this way, and still we never met. BUT, we have actually talked on the phone.....which is more than I can say about most other bloggers I read.

Big Fan. How can I not list Big Fan as one of my favorites?! He's bought thousands and thousands of dollars of nude pictures of ME! (Ok, maybe not so much. *wink*) But he's the "go to" guy for all of the above: gimmicks, humor, Tom Waits, music, sarcasm, quote of the weekend, bar stories, projects, weird links, I don't know what else (and not necessarily in that's more like a rotating thing. Doesn't that sound naughty?)

Words For Snow. As you may or may not know, I can't stand kids. I can't stand the thought of pregnancy. I can't stand reading about child bearing people. BUT, these two, Suzie and Tim, have somehow won me over. They are going to be the best parents in the world, I predict. They don't write about it in a mushy way. Suzie almost died during the birth. They both have a great sense of humor and steadiness. Go read'll get addicted.

Rick's Cafe. Humphrey Bogart reincarnated as a retired stand up comedian who moonlights as a contractor....I mean, consultant. That's all I can say.....or he'll have the mob take me out.

Workbench. You know, The Pope Guy. If you missed this story, you are completely out of touch. He's geeky, he's famous (?), he's funny, he's opinionated or maybe just observational (wow, I thought I just made that word up, but I checked, and it's a real word!). Bookmark him, you won't be disappointed.

Zelda. My dear friend Zelda.She doesn't update nearly enough, but when she does, she can be a screaming ball of fire! A great artist and a great friend. One of the very very few people I have let camp out at my house, and one of the few people I would drive to Las Vegas and San Diego to meet up with. Bookmark her, she's worth the wait.

Overheard in New York. If you haven't already been to this site and bookmarked it, you are missing out! There's some major funny stuff over there. I would quote from there, but really, you must see for yourself.

Mount St. Helens. Oh wait....that's not a blog! But it is a page I check nearly everyday. I was a kid when it first erupted....I heard it and felt it because I was camping within range at the time. So I have become obsessed with checking out the pictures and waiting for it to erupt again.

Burl Barer. You've gotta love the name of his blog, "Adoraburl." Burl's my good good friend going back 20 years or more. We lost contact for years and years, then by chance we found each other again about a month ago. He is everything witty, wacko, wild, and fun. Also, he was probably a stand up comedian in a former life. He has a voice of gold and a pen of platinum.....don't miss out on his eccentric observances on life and who knows what else.

Mike Barer. (Hey made the list!! *wink*) What can I say about this guy? Without him, I never would have found Burl again. The serendipity of him finding my blog is beyond what I can imagine. I guess it is's a very small world, 6 degrees of separation and all that.

Cynical: A Life. Gotta love Shelley Ju (sister of Jilly/Jaded Ju). She is the life of every party (I know this, even though I've never been to a party that she's been the life of.) She seems to know absolutely everyone. and love them like they are family. She too, must have been a comedienne in a former life (do you see a pattern here?) Someday, I must meet her.

The Mighty Jimbo. For some reason, this guy is always entertaining. He's been on more continents than I knew existed, hangs from rock walls better than Spiderman, and takes pictures better than Nation Geographic. Check him out.

Art Nudes. This is THE place to go for fine art nude photography. Updated regularly, and showcasing fabulous erotic/fine art photographers from around the world. Did I say "nudity"? Nudity!! (probably not work safe)

Velociman. I can't believe that I've only just recently started reading this guy. Everybody just completely loves this man and can't get enough of him. Why has it taken me so long??! He is humor on a stick, sarcasm on a fork, rap on a spoon. 'Nough said.

Key. Key is another one I'm only just getting to know. From all the pictures I've seen of her on other blogs, she has the most amazing eyes....I also hear she wears platform shoes a lot of the time....gotta love that. Still getting to know her story, but I think she's a keeper.

The Mighty Geek. Why oh why does he not post more often?? Why oh why does so much of what he posts have to be bathroom humor?? Why oh why is he soooo funnny?

Across the Atlantic. The Brit blog. I consider the Group Captain to be a good friend, even though we've never met. His lovely concubine (she'll either love or hate that term) is not someone I know well, but their joint blog is so many things. Sometime it's informative, entertaining, irritating (I don't always agree with their views), intriguing, thought provoking, up to the minute. A good meaty blog.

Slick Deals. Not a blog, but a great deal finder. I check it everyday, and usually end up ordering things I don't need because they are such a good deal.

Weird News from the AP. I think this one explains itself.

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