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2002-05-17 - 7:05 p.m.
I don't like to post a negative post....but this is something that disturbs me. Remember when I told you about that dead Sea Lion we saw. Well, a few days later, we saw another dead one, and one laying beside it having convultions. A Fish and Wildlife Dept. person was there taking pictures and motioned us to stay away. We've also seen several dead Pelicans and Herons. It seems that something bad is going on in the ocean that I have come to love.

According to our local paper, The Argonaut, it turns out that the Sea Lions are eating fish that are eating a certain kind of poison algae. I think this is what they call "red tide." Last month they treated 60 animals and triaged 200 (I don't know what "triaged" means, but it doesn't sound good) Some nights 24 animals are found suffering on the beach. They say that pelicans have been falling out of the sky....and most of the sea lions that wash up are pregnant. The wildlife people can't legally touch the animal for 48 hours, or until it is determined, by acute symptoms, that the animal has the poisoning.....usually by then it is too late. They do have the ability to save the animal....mainly with fluids and antibiotics. But federal laws makes this extremely difficult....imposing a $10,000 fine and 1 year imprionment to anyone who doesn't follow their guidelines of waiting 48 hours, etc.

What's wrong with this picture?????

If you see an animal in distress, you can call (800)399-4235 or contact lifeguards, animal control, or police.(according to the article)

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2002-05-16 - 12:37 a.m.

"Get your kicks on Route 66!" Remember that song?! Next week we're heading out on Route 66 to go to The Grand Canyon!

Yes, I know my life is starting to sound like The Travel Channel or something.....but really, it's not always like this.....(I can hear Alan saying "uh huh!'s always like this!")

Anyway....we started planning this trip at the last minute (as usual)...and, as it turns out, part of our trip is during a national I've been on the phone for two days trying to make this trip happen. Not an easy thing! But now, we've got reservations in Needles, CA...Grand Canyon, AZ...Flagstaff, AZ...and Laughlin, NV. And amazingly I was able to book a suite at most places (mainly because that's all that was left!)

Anyway, I'm quite excited about this....I've always wanted to do Route 66, and I've never been to the Grand Canyon...lots of photo opportunities! And lots to write about, I'm stay tuned.

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2002-05-14 - 6:56 p.m.
Tip o' the hat to Zelda....she points out that whales travel in pods (this sounds familiar, now that I think about it, but last night all I could think of was silly things like a herd of whales...or a flock of whales). But even better, she points out that a group of crows is actually called a murder of crows!! Is this really true, Zelda?! I've never heard of this before....but somehow, it seems fitting for crows. I like it!

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2002-05-13 - 10:00 p.m.

Not a whole lot of new stuff today....just being back at home...paying bills...running errands.

But you can look for me over at Two Truths and a Lie

Oh...we did see a school of wales (school? pack? flock? I don't know what the term is...but we saw a several whales today) There must have been at least five, bobbing rhythmically in and out of the waves....really quite close to the shore....which is unusual for whales, I think. Anyway...we stood and watched like we were seeing prehistoric animals for the first time. It was quite fascinating.

Earlier we had seen a dead sealion washed up on the beach. When we were coming back from our walk, a big tractor was carting it away.

The yin and the yang of the beach. Usually I just find shells (or false teeth...if you've been following along!) I guess you never know what you'll find out there.

Well...I'm rambling I should let you get back to more important things. Thanks for calling!

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2002-05-12 - 11:20 p.m.

Well...we've now done Mother's Day at The Beverly Hills Hotel You know (because you read my blog everyday) that I was fearing it would be a bit much for my parents....but it went amazingly well. When we first got there, and were waiting to be seated, Magic Johnson walked by. Of course, this really made the whole Dad was hoping for a celebrity sighting...and he's a sports this made his day! Then the Maitre'd remembered me and said it was so good to see me again started joking with me and being funny.....(my parents loved this....I seem to be a regular there!) And then it get's even better!.....we ordered a bottle of champagne and the wine steward pours us each a small glass.....leaving about half the bottle. Then later when he goes to pour the rest of the bottle, he finds it empty!.....apparently another waiter served it to another table. So he brings us a whole new bottle for free!!! I must say, it was a fabulous brunch. Everyone was happy (rare) and the food was incredible!

It was a three course meal, and we had a choice of several things at each course. I started with:

with Radicchio Di Treviso

And for an entree I had:

with Sun Dried Cranberry Bread, Sugar Toasted Pecans, Banana Cream

Both were amazing......the French Toast came with tiny bottles of Beverly Hills Hotel maple was orgasm on a plate!! Everything else we had was just as orgasmic! They started us off with a presentation of 5 kinds of bread....then our appetizers, etc. Every thing we picked was delicious!

After that, I felt that my parents needed to see more of the essence of Los we went to Venice Beach. I could tell they were sort of reluctanct to go....but once they got there, they loved it. So we strolled along the boardwalk for a bit, and they kept commenting on how much fun they were having.....that they don't get out in crowds much. They were really fascinated by all the artists, and henna tattoo places, massage people, piercings...rollerbladers...the music....the performers....etc.

So it was a really good day with my folks! They experienced more today and had more fun than I've seen them have in a long time. And I was taking them to places that I wasn't sure they'd like!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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