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2002-04-28 - 9:38 a.m.
Here's hoping this works....last night's entry seems to have disappeared!! So I'm cutting and pasting and hoping it shows up this time. Cross your it is:

Originally this trip was about finding as many roadside attractions as possible, on our way to my place in Astoria. Well, now it has evolved into getting as many smashed pennies as possible! Yesterday, we backtracked 30 miles just so we could get a smashed penny at Trees of Mystery! But, today it became an obsession.....we backtracked again just to get sqashed pennies at The Sea Lion Caves! From that point on our mission has been to find every penny sqashing machine.

Not to digress, but should you find yourself near The Sea Lion Caves, you must stop, and you must pay the $7.00 to take the elevator down into the cave. It is really quite spectacular.

I have sooo much more to write, and tons of pictures, but, at this hotel I have to pay 10 cents a minute to get on the internet, and that's just for the first hour! But it is a very fine must stay here!

Tomorrow, I will be at home (one of my homes) and the internet is free I'll post a bit more....

Thanks for staying up with me!! Goodnight!

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2002-04-27 - 8:46 p.m.
Hello...I'm back on line!! I went through serious internet withdrawl last phones!! I thought that would be a good thing...but I had these get on line!

Anyway....I'm going to go have a that we've checked in....I'll post a complete post in a couple hours. See you then!

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2002-04-26 - 12:37 a.m.
Here I am in Brookings, Oregon...on the ocean....drinking champagne, and eating Bagel Bites.....and trying to think of what to write!

Basically, today was all about trees. We drove 372 miles on what they call The Redwood Highway, and actually managed to stop at most of the tourist attractions. First stop, The Chandelier Tree. This is a giant redwood tree, tall as a skyscraper, that has been hollowed out at the bottom so that a car can drive through.

You pay $ down a twisty, winding, potholed, dirt road through the forest...and end up at the tree, where you have a choice of whether or not to drive through it before heading to the gift shop. We had intended to drive through the that is the whole point...but we figured out that my car was 9/10ths of an inch too wide!! So rather than sacrifice my sideview mirrors, we opted to drive around the tree, then we headed to the gift shop for silly souvenir trinkets.

The next several tourist attractions were all tree related, and most of them closed for the season....except for the gift shops, however, which were open anyway. And they all seemed to carry the same tree related items.....tons and tons of things carved out of wood. Clearly these people have too much time on their hands.

The last tree related attraction that we stopped at, Trees of Mystery, was the one we were really hoping to find open. ( We had read they had a bar!) But everything thing was closed at this one....even the giftshop!! At least we were able to get some pictures of the supersized Paul Bunion and his Ox. (note: the nifty trailer in the photo just happened to be parked's not ours....although I wish it was.)

Finally, at the end of the day, we came out of the trees and found the ocean. As we were driving along, we spotted this fabulous shipwreck on land, and slammed on the breaks.....a photo opportunity!

But, alas, it was closed too!

Well, that's it for now.....there's no phone where we're going tomorrow, so no post. I'll post again the next day from Lincoln City. Stay tuned..........

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