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2013-12-25 - 1:04 a.m.
An OPEN LETTER to the Postal Worker who ripped open the Christmas Card that my Dad mailed to me and stole $100:

First of all, yes...we have all been taught it is not wise to mail cash. But my 77 year old Dad still believed in the good of people, and never gave a second thought that someone would rip open a Christmas card to steal money.

So I can only assume that you were extremely desperate.

Obviously, you have a well paying job (US Postal Service). As I understand, that pays better than minimum wage. But even if it doesn' least you have a job.

But, maybe you just learned that you were going to be fired or maybe your girlfriend just told you she was pregnant. Maybe you have cancer.


But I damn well hope that you find it in yourself to pay it forward someday, because I will be looking over your shoulder every single day until you do.

No one steals from my Father....and the gall to steal from his Christmas card....I have no words!!!!

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2013-12-08 - 4:39 p.m.

In my last post, I announced the opening of my Etsy store: SidewaysBungalow...and then it was pointed out to me that Etsy is thought of as a "girly girl" site...but not so much as a site where real men can go and buy "Manly Man" things for the Man Cave.

But I am here to fill that need, that empty space! I want to make sure that you all know that my shop starts at the hard core "manly manĒ stuff....and branches out from there! Iíve got everything from brass plaques that read: "SCREW ROOM" vintage license booby shaped salt and pepper shakers (update: the salt and pepper shakers have sold). I will be listing stuff like automobile/gas station memorabilia, beer steins, Tiki Bar paraphernalia, and things that go bump in the night!

So keep checking back, because Iíve got everything from the girliest of Frou Frou to stuff for the Manliest of Man Cave man.

Donít wait till Xmas Eve to do all your shopping. Buy something for YOURSELF now!

(The SCREW ROOM plaque shown at the top and the Crocodile postcard are both available here in my shop: SidewaysBungalow. But don't wait, these are one of a kind...once they're gone, they are gone.) Also, if you you're looking for something specific, please ask. I actually might have it. Just leave a comment here or convo me at SidewaysBungalow

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2013-12-04 - 12:48 a.m.

So...remember all those years ago when I said I was going to be opening an online store? I think I said something like, "Stay tuned! By the end of next week, I'll be opening an online store!!" And then we never spoke of it again?


And then this happened:

Well. Finally...finally it is happening. I now have an official store on Etsy. You can find me at (or just type in sidewaysbungalow in the search box when you're on

It's still a work in progress, and I've got about a billion more things to list. But I hope you'll check it out. Hold my hand and tip toe with me through this new venture.

I'll try to keep this sight rolling too. But twitter is the best place for frequent little snippets of my crazy.

You can find me there@purplefully.

Now then...let's go shopping! (Oh! I almost forgot! Use coupon code GRANDOPEN for 10% off your first purchase!)

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