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2013-04-28 - 5:11 p.m.
Why is it that when you are putting things away and you shove a bunch of stuff in the closet, the door closes easily and everything fits...but then, the next time you open the closet, all that stuff explodes out, like it was just waiting to pounce on you, and when you try to jam all that stuff back in, it's nearly impossible to close the door?!?

Similar things seem to also happen when packing/unpacking suitcases.

Life's great mysteries.....

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2013-04-25 - 7:24 p.m.
Whenever big violent events occur, there is inevitably the question: Why do they hate us?

And we are so full of ourselves that immediately the answer is always because of our success, our freedom, how great we are, because our lives are so much better than theirs.

But they are laughing.

Maybe they hate us for just the

Maybe they hate us because we are ugly, we are greedy, we can't stop bickering, we have "The People of Walmart," we have some of the stupidest TV commercials and TV shows that insult our intelligence and we love it, we willingly take away our own freedoms, we actually eat fast food and think we like it, we are easily sold, we are easily bought, we are thoughtless, it takes so little to make us flinch, yet maybe we don't flinch enough, we act proud when we shouldn't be, we have crime, we have obesity, we have money, but we have hunger, we have uneducated people, but we pretend we are so educated, we have pregnant teens who smoke...who can afford to smoke, stupidity grows like grass and mindlessness is as vast as the clouds, nobody listens to anybody, we don't think, (helloooo???), it's all about me me me, we are jealous of the Kardashians, we cut each other off in the grocery aisle.

They are laughing.

They don't hate us because we are beautiful.

Who are they?

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2013-04-16 - 6:54 p.m.
something hurts somewhere, but I can almost put my finger on it:

What makes someone want to have power over someone else? Why do people do evil to other people? Why are people so thoughtless? It is like a far reaching bad habit: I was wronged, so fuck it, I don't care, I'll be rude to the next person: then they're rude to the next person, and those people so on, and so on....

Like Dominoes.

We all do it. But sometimes it's extreme. Fatally extreme.

Did you set a bomb and blow people up?
Or did your comment or actions cause somebody to commit suicide?

life is gone

Fuck You!!

what did you think

Fuck everybody fuck fuck fuck fuck.....!!!!!

And we all ask why.



And then we spew forth all the positiveness....we have to band together...hugs....tears....we are better than this....positivepositivepositve.....and then we cry

and cut that next guy off in traffic

be mindful...don't be mindful

don't even think

never think

are the peoole who go on and on and on about how to live joyfully really all that joyful inside?

thou doth protest to much

bad taste

hold a grudge

don't leave a tip

scratch that person's car

Their car is better than yours

call someone a bitch

they are a bitch


hate envy greed despair

despair, greed, envy, hate

we are all the same
either more naive or more stupid
stupider smarter


we are all wrong


one more more more more

I'm not good enough

never nothing is ever

fuck this shit

be positive

fucking breathe
fucking be positive
fucking plant a seed
one seed
what else is there to lose

tell someone

they might not know

they really might not know


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