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2012-03-01 - 9:49 p.m.
So I was calling a long lost friend because he's is an expert in watches, and I had inherited a bunch of watches....which turned out to be worth nothing.

But we hadn't talked in ages, so as we were getting caught up on stuff, he says: "So you've heard about XYZ?"

Uhhh??? No?

Well. YYZ is my ex from about 13 years ago (we had been together 17 years. Don't do the math!). Apparently, he has butt cancer. At first, as I was hearing this story, I was cracking up....he was an asshole to me, now he has ass cancer. Perfect!!

But then my friend told my that XYZ had a stroke during one of the procedures.
I stopped laughing.

No matter how much pain he caused me, please think good thoughts for his family. Life is hard. Life is short.

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