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2008-12-17 - 9:58 p.m.
And now....a meme:

Do you remember your first favorite song? If so, what was it?
I can only vaguely remember wisps of it. I have no idea what it was called. I do remember that it was sung by some cheesy TV actor who was popular at the time....but I have no memory of who it actually was. Mainly, I remember playing the 45 over and over and over while swooning over the actor.

What do you refuse to eat?
Hmmm. Anything that seems gross. But I can't actually think of anything right now. Oh....I know...rattle snake! I actually ordered it once, but when it arrived at the table I realized I had made a big mistake. Ackkkk! Just looking at that thing was enough to make me want to gag!

Have you ever injected any kind of drug before?
No, but I have had medical professionals inject me with stuff dozens of times. Multiple surgeries and a penchant for extreme nausea will make the needle unavoidable and down right necessary sometimes.

Do amusement park rides make you sick?
Amusment parks themselves make me sick! I am soooo not into that. The crowds, the cost, the lines, the heat, the lack of cocktails....tell me again why that's supposed to be fun.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
I have actually never seen Star Wars, and have no desire to start now.

What kind of cheese do you put on your sandwiches?
I absolutely love cheese....more than almost anything else. It's probably my most favorite food. Yet, when I order a sandwich, I will ask for no cheese or I will take the cheese off to fool myself into thinking that I'm saving calories and fat. Crazy, I know.

What was the first thing you ever learned how to cook?
Probably biscuits or cookies. If you're referring to a savory dish, I probably started with something out of a box, but eventually graduated to Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf, followed by a Four Cheese Cannelloni recipe that I came across somewhere. But that's about it. I'm not really into cooking. If I can bake it, I can make it, but if I have to fry it, I won't try it!

Did you ever collect beanie babies?
Oh heck no! While I was in the antique biz, people used to come in and ask for them. Oh, how we would cringe! Another antique dealer that I knew would advertise that he sold "Beanie Baby Grinders" with a picture of a meat grinder along side. Beanies were so cliche....the scourge of the collectibles biz....and the people who were mad about collecting them were the most neurotic and crazy and demanding and arrogant customers. Ackkkkkk!!!!

When was the last time you got a haircut?
It's probably been about 20 years since I got a professional haircut. But I cut my own hair....I widdle away at it. Sometimes I lop whole tons of hair off at one time, sometimes jut a nip and tuck, here and there. I think I might be due for some widdling on my bangs. Unfortunately sometimes I get a little carried away. I've actually started looking into wigs so that I don't have to bother with my hair so much. I would really like to be able to wake up looking perfect!

Have you ever been to a bachelor/bachelorette party?
No. But I've been to very few weddings either. The two most memorable were: 1. My sister's 3rd (or was it her 4th?) wedding. It was at some new agey metaphysical bizarro church with lots of candles and crystals and rituals. It was the happiest I'd seen her in years, but my family accused her and fiance of being on drugs. It was bizarre on so many levels. 2. The other wedding was a proper church wedding. It was my best friend from highschool. She was the secretary of the church. She had previously excommunicated me (stopped talking to me) because I had admitted to her that I had had an affair with a married man and had sex without marriage. I was completely shocked when she invited me to her wedding. When she walked up the isle in her "Perfect Christian White Wedding Dress" it was all I could do to keep from sobbing. I had soooo many mixed emotions on that day. We have not spoken since.

Where are you most ticklish on your body?
Stop it!! Quit touching me!!!! Stop Stop Stoppppp!!!! [As I squirm]. I am ticklish ALL OVER!!!

Have you ever bailed anyone out of jail?
Nope. But I have been to jail. But nobody bailed me out. I had to do my 2 nights. I should probably blog about that sometime. I have written on my 100 Things list that I'm actually proud of this. It was an amazing learning experience. EVERYBODY should spend 2 nights in jail. But most "crimes" in my belief do not/should not warrant jail time.

What’s the last board game you played?
Probably Monopoly. But I really don't play board games anymore.

Do you still own any VHS tapes?
I think all I have anymore are a couple of tapes from my knee surgeries. Pure entertainment, no?

Do you shop at JC Penney’s ever?
Do they even still exist? The last thing I bought there was an electric blanket....maybe 10 years ago.

If there was a real Jurassic Park, would you visit it?
Only if there were no long lines and they served cocktails.

Do you ever read the newspaper?
When I travel, which isn't very often anymore, I like to pick up the local papers of whatever town I'm in. It's kind of fun to read local news in small towns and such. I still keep up with the paper in Astoria, Oregon because I own property there, but I just scan their online version.

Do you eat your mac & cheese with a fork or a spoon?
I rarely eat mac & cheese, but I would prefer a fork. However, I'm not picky, and if I'm eating mac & cheese, I'm probably not in the mood to wash dishes. So, if a spoon is all that's clean, so be it. I'm also known to use plastic forks and spoons to save on the washing up (but please do not tell any of your environmental friends....or plug your ears if you are one!)

Is there any medicine/pill you take every day?
Oh yeah. Medicine for sinuses, stomach, and pain in my feet. And about a thousand vitamins. But these all seem to change, varying on what the latest diagnosis is. I'm a walking drugstore!

How many 20 dollar bills do you have on you right now?
I just got paid! So I have 9. But my client overpaid, so I'll have a bit less next time. Dang! But I'm officially on vacation now, so I don't care!

Would you do meth if it was legalized?
No. It rots your teeth. I know because my sister used to be an addict. However, there are other illegal drugs that I would happily indulge in if they were legal.

Do you think Obama will be assassinated?
What a scary job to have. I truely hope not. And I will never understand why people would feel the need to act out in that way.

Have you ever made out with someone and then never saw them again?
No. Why do you ask???

Do you drink egg nog?
Mmmmm.....I loves me some egg nog, but I rarely ever have more than a teeny bit. It is a guilty pleasure, for sure.

What are you wearing?
My usual uniform: black leggings, black sleeveless T~shirt, but with a grey zip up hoodie because it is coldddd. Yeah, I know 60 degrees is not all that cold, but that's the temp INSIDE right now. We don't have heat (long story, not for now). But I am being a wuss. I spent many a winter in Oregon when it would get down to 22 inside and my pipes froze. Moving to L.A. has kinda spoiled me!

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