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2008-06-26 - 10:44 p.m.
4:30am. I'm awakened by a cat meowling on the roof outside our window. I'm worried because our cat got out on the roof once. So I get up an try to figure out where exactly the sound is coming from. It's not our cat. .

Frustrated, I go back to bed. I curl up next to Alan and try to wake him with my worries of the cat that may be locked outside on the roof. (I have a bad habit of trying to talk to him while he's sleeping. I'm a night owl....and he is not. Still, that doesn't stop me.)

Oddly, instead of the usual rebuff, and telling me to go back to sleep, he tells me to roll away from him because his shoulder hurts...tightness in the chest...odd heart beat.

Without much discussion, we're in the car, on the way to the ER.

Around 5:30am, we're there. They instantly get him in. When you're 52, diabetic, (already had bypass surgery) and having chest pains....they don't mess around. They're practically running, wheeling him into the ER. (And I'm trying to keep up with my bad knee and sprained ankle....who knew I could run so fast?!)

9 hours later. Many blood tests. A stress test. Some Nitroglycerin (you can blow things up with it...or stop chest pain). And a lot of waiting. He was determined stable enough to go home.


They determined that he DID NOT have an actual heart attack, but they couldn't actually tell us what happened. So he will be following up with his cardiologist next week....probably for more tests.

As you can imagine, I am not a happy camper right now.

First of all, getting me up at 5am is way out of my time zone! I cringe if I have to get up before 11:00am! And have I not already been through enough of this heart attack stuff?!!!

Alright, you know, I joke. You have to. When it comes down to these things, that's what you have to do. (Although, I really do not like to get up before 11am, and I am truely sick and tired of this heart stuff!)

Alan is Ok. For now. Me....I don't know. When they were offering him pain meds, I was seriously wishing they would offer me some! And how about a wheel chair...and a nice reclining bed with heated sheets, too!!!!!

It's tough to be the care giver. But for now...we are still all in one piece. I think.

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