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2008-06-10 - 9:25 p.m.
I've blogged about this before, so forgive me for repeating myself. But I've just GOT TO GET IT OUT...again!!!

So I'm sitting at the beach that is miles long in every direction. It's a warm but foggy evening, just before sunset. I love this type of weather at this time of day because I have the whole beach to myself. Most people don't come out in the fog.

I sit down in the sand with my drink and get into my zen mode. I just want to chill out, enjoy my aloneness, and contemplate whatever.

Then, here comes these two couples, making their way down the beach. *Oh no*. They walk and walk and cavort all down the beach. They could have sat down anywhere. They were quite a ways away from me.

But no!

They come and sit down RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!


Now this seriously harshes my mellow. Seriously. What is up with these people? They had the whole beach. But no, here they are, kicking it up, sitting their arses down, and being in my face. Argh!

Why do people do that?! This has happened to me time and time again. I understand if the beach is crowded...which it sometimes is. But when you have miles of open space, why not spread out a bit?

As you can tell, this drives me freakin nuts! It's probably my number one pet peeve. Oy!

Ok...I'll end my rant. But if you ever see me at the beach....give me some freakin space, Ok? (Unless, of course, I've invited you....then come on over and let the snuggling begin!)

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2008-06-01 - 9:25 p.m.

I grew up in Seattle at a trailer park that was basically surrounded on three sides with cemeteries. So I spent a lot of time wandering with friends, and sometimes older people from the trailer park, through them and pondering the tomb stones. These were very old cemeteries, and thus had some really amazing tomb stones. One cemetery had pictures on almost every stone. Some portions of the cemeteries were separated by religious sects. There were super elaborate stones.There were the flat stones on the ground. There were the stones of my family.

I was never afraid of the cemeteries. I found them to be very peaceful and interesting. So, when I moved to Los Angeles, I always thought it would be interesting to seek out where all the famous people were buried. I always assumed they were at the grand Forest Lawn cemeteries that I had driven by a hundred times. But it wasn't until recently that I read that most of the "Who's Who" were buried at a very small and hidden place in Westwood, on edge of Beverly Hills.

So today, we finally went to find it. Amazingly, it is completely hidden among high rise buildings on all sides. It is a tiny little unassuming space. Nothing like you would expect. Most of the graves are in the ground or for the cremated, on the few marble walls. There are only a couple of elaborate graves and that is all.

But Marilyn Monroe is here. And today would have been her 82nd birthday.

I am a *huge* fan of Marilyn, but even so, I was unaware that today was her birthday. Spooky that I picked this day to go and visit her grave.

She is cremated, so her grave is part of a big marble wall. I would have taken pictures, but there were these two Paris Hilton wanabees standing guard, mingling with the crowd of onlookers. It was sort of odd and disconcerting. They were obviously not with the funeral home, just there to see and be seen. Yet the only way to get anywhere near the tomb was to pass by them. They were sort of making of show of being there, like they owned the place. Sad. But even so, people had brought many many dozens of roses, balloons, cards, photos. It was definitely a shrine.

So, it was an odd but interesting day. Not at all what I expected from the cemetery for the famous.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

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