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2008-01-24 - 9:51 p.m.
This is probably why I get banned*. I can't just sit quiet when I read things like this:

"A dirty martini could be much improved by using pickle juice instead of olive juice."

Aaaaaaackkk!!!!! No no no no no no!!!

The perfect martini contains gin...and gin ONLY. Shake it with some ice and pour it, or if you're lazy, just pour some gin in a glass and throw an ice cube in it. Done.

Do I have to tell you people how to do everything?!

*see post below for my paranoia on being banned

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2008-01-24 - 7:46 p.m.
Hello....can I comment???

In the past week, I've had comments I've posted on other sites either moderated, banned, just not received, blocked, lost, or eaten....or who knows what.

They just aren't showing up!

And to top it off, I may have been banned from this lovely lady's site....she of the pink hair, guns, and Harleys (notice the link doesn't work!). I've asked around, but either she's gone into the witness protection program, or her peeps are lying to me to keep me from stalking.....or I just don't know what!

WTF is up?

What have I done to piss off the blog gods?

Ok...yeah, I live in California, and I'll probably vote for Hillary....but still. Don't hate me because I am beautiful!!

Is anybody out there??!! Is this thing on??!!!!!

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2008-01-17 - 11:21 p.m.
Can somebody get me a towel?!

Don't you just hate it when you finally do all the laundry, then as a reward you take a nice long hot bath, only to find, as you get out of the tub, that you forgot to bring the towels back up to the bathroom, so now you have to run downstairs, naked, rapidly cooling off, and dripping wet, to retrieve a towel?

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2008-01-16 - 6:43 p.m.

Find of the day: One lone flipper on the beach. That can't be good, can it?!

And since we're talking about the beach, here is an issue that just drives me nuts. Our beach is miles long. With the exception of major holidays and heat waves, it's basically empty most of the time. There are people out there, but they're usually walking or well spaced if they are sitting/picknicing/camping out.

But then there are the people who just walk to the end of the beach trail and set up RIGHT THERE. They don't go down the beach a few yards. They just set up IN THE MIDDLE of the end of the trail. Which, of course, means that everyone else who is walking down to the beach has to step around them to get to the beach. WTF is up with that? If they just moved a little further down, they'd practically have their own beach to themselves. But no, they have to harsh my mellow by just plopping down right in the middle!

I go to the beach almost every day so there are some people I see as regulars. Some people work out at the beach, doing yoga or Thai Chi. Tonight there was a guy doing martial arts and working out with something that looked like a baseball bat as well as something that looked like Nunchucks. Out of the miles of beach that we have, some other guy came up and sat about ten feet from the martial arts guy. They were obviously not together. And it seemed to me that he had no interest in the martial arts guy. So why sit so close??!

If I were to choose a place to sit at the beach, it would not be within spitting distance of a guy who is wielding Nunchucks! What is up with these people?

Can you tell that I like my PERSONAL SPACE?!!! Argh, this is an issue that drives me freakin nuts!

Ok...[/end rant].

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