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2008-01-04 - 2:39 p.m.
The update: Alan is doing fine now. The doctors said there had been an "incident" but they're not calling it a heart attack. Thank you guys, for checking in and being supportive. The unknown can be so scary, especially when I can't be there. We had limited phone reception yesterday, so that made it even more difficult. I was only getting info in little bits and bytes. But it looks like we're in the clear now.

Here's Alan's comment from the post below:

"Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes! After 10 hours of tests and waiting.... They released me with a clean bill of health. They also told me not to have things like coffee and cold medicines. Both of which I had yesterday morning... oops!"

We also found that one of the prescriptions he takes might have reacted with the caffeine and cold medicine. So he's definitely going to cut those things out.

Oy!....heart by-pass surgery....the gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks again for thinking of us. I do believe there is a power in that.

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2008-01-03 - 8:26 p.m.
So, here we go again. Alan is in the hospital possibly having had another heart attack. He's in Denver. I'm in Los Angeles. They're doing a bunch of tests, and I'm waiting to hear back. It's really hard to deal with all this....and especially now, when I can't be there.

I'm just writing this because I need to vent. I feel angry, frozen....I don't know what to think. I spoke to his cardiologist, and he told me all sorts of unintelligible medical things, but in calm and reassuring tones. I didn't understand half of what he said. Right now we're still in the unknown.

Think good thoughts, people. We need good thoughts and prayers right now.

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