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2007-12-09 - 5:42 p.m.

The Worst Kind of Ear Worm Ever:

You know how you sometimes get a song stuck in your head? Usually it's something you heard on the radio, or on a TV commercial, or just something you've heard over and over.

I've got something much much worse.

My neighbor sings....OFF the top of her lungs....the same song....over and over. All. Day. Long. It is now permanently stuck in my head. And I have no idea what song it is. Or what the words are. I just hear her voice in my head singing the same refrain over and over and over and over. Off key.


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2007-12-07 - 8:42 p.m.
A few things:

1. Yes, photos are still coming. But let's wait until the next two bras arrive.

2. Do not go out for a run in the EARLY MORNING if you are going to fall and break FIVE ribs and expect me to rescue you. (Yes, a friend of mine did break FIVE ribs. And yes, I did rescue him. If you're my friend, I'll do that kind of thing. Just try not to do it in the morning. I'm not a morning person.)

3. Speaking of not being a morning person: also do not schedule surgery for 6:00am if you want me to take you there and wait with you. (Yes, my Love (not the friend mentioned above) had to have surgery this week. And I did take him. Because, if you're my Love, I'll do that kind of thing.)

4. Far too many people have seen me without makeup, wayyyyy toooo early in the morning this week.

5. Both of the above people are doing well. Not quite so sure about myself. (Or the people who saw me without makeup)

6. You can call me Nurse Marcie. (Just try and wait till the afternoon!)

7. Stay tuned.

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2007-12-01 - 11:14 p.m.
I got a bra!!!! (See the last post for why this is soooo monumental.)

Ladies, on the advice of Gert, one of my favorite full figured lady bloggers, I was directed to the site Bravissimo. (They're located in th UK, but will ship to the US). These people actually make bras that fit! Can you imagine?!

I got my bra today (only took about about 10 days). Now, I haven't worn a bra in like forever, but the instant I put it on, I knew it was right. It actually fit!!! And....can you imagine's comfortable! So, of course, I immediately ordered another $150 dollars worth.

Yes, I know, a lot of my readers out there are guys. Just take a seat and chill out already. We're talking about bras here...Ok? But hey, you know I wouldn't leave you guys coming soon.

Stay tuned!!!!

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2007-11-17 - 9:33 p.m.

Bra Shopping: a Rant!

First, let me say that I hate all underwear. I hate panties! I hate bras! So I choose not to wear them. (And I hate all clothes too, but unfortunately I have to wear those.)

A few years ago, I discovered a "bra top" which is basically a tank top with a shelf bra built in. Heaven!! I bought about a million of them and haven't worn a bra since. They have been the staple of my uniform!

Until now.

Now they are finally wearing out and falling apart....and letting down my boobs!!! OMG! And for some reason, I can no longer find this most perfect, exquisitely fitting, like~it~was~made~for~me bra top anywhere. Story. Of. My. Life!

So today I broke down and went in search of the perfect bra. OMG....I think I need to get another cocktail just to tell you this story! Hold on.....

....Ok, I'm back.

So I drove all the way out to Beverly Center. I got there in about 45 minutes, but it freakin' took me about another hour and a half just to park! (And they say the economy is bad?!)

First thing I do: go and get a cocktail! I mean, going shopping for a bra is almost worse than going to an appointment with your gynecologist....gotta hava cocktail, right?!!

Finally, to Macy's. They had made a big production of the fact that they had "bra fitters" right there on hand in the store. They had TV commercials. They were on Donald Trump's "Apprentice." BRA FITTINGS. They were on "What Not to Wear." BRA FITTINGS. I was going to do this. I needed help. I needed a FITTING. I needed someone to strap a tape measure around my breasts and ask me to bend over and jiggle. That's how it's done!

Nope. Nada. No fitters.

So left to my own devices (trying on 3000 bras!!!), I discovered that my size had now become a 38DD. WTF?! A thirty eight double Deeeee?! No way. The last time I bought a bra, I was a 34C.....and I weigh less now then than I did back then. I think the fashion gods are playing with us again. And this would be fine if I was, say, an A cup. How cool to have gone up a couple of sizes. But when you're already a C....and now a double are F**ked! All they have are matronly bras that maybe your grandma would have worn. There are no sexy bras for the "full figured" gal.

So I live in Los Angeles where breast implants are queen. Everybody is skinny as all get out, and they practically topple over from their oversized breast implants.....yet you would be hard pressed to find a bra in any of the stores bigger than a B cup. What's up with that?!! And who the heck with an A or B cup needs a bra anyway?!!!!

Argh! This is why I hate all clothes and, particularly, undergarments!!! I wasted a whole day on this and came home with nothing. And my boobs are still dangling! I guess it's time to strip down, have another cocktail, take a bath and rethink this.....

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2007-11-08 - 11:26 p.m.
Hey look! I'm back from the dead! This may be only temporary....I just don't know yet. But I had to post this.

So, I'm at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles today, looking at vintage automobiles.

Oddly, there's something about museums that always makes me sneeze. I don't know why. It just happens. So I'm sort of mid way to a sneeze, half stifling a know, squinting, fingers up to nose, posture half bent over....waiting for it. Just then, right at that second, out of the blue, a woman races up and quickly snaps my picture...then quickly runs away. WTF?! I have paparazzi?!!

Ha! Maybe I'll be the new "It Girl." Look for me in a tabloid near you.....with my fingers up my nose.


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