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2007-09-23 - 5:03 p.m.
Where the heck have I been???!!!

Well, for some reason, lately, I have just lost the will to blog. But I'm not sure why, because it seems that I've had about 10 trillion things I could/should be blogging about. I've noticed this same apathy in some of the other blogs I read, too. Is blogging dead? Or are we just in a blogging recession? Hmmm.....

Well, here are are few of my excuses for not blogging:

1. Went on the Master Cleanser Fast for a week. This is supposed to help you detox, cleanse, focus, and enlighten. Well, it was an interesting (enlightening?) experience. I was suprised at how much I relied on food for comfort, relaxation, timing of the day. When you can't eat, it throws everything off. You really begin to look at how you're spending your time, what your relationship with food is....and it becomes very intense. They say that after the 3rd day it get's easy, but I did not find that to be true. After 5 days, I broke. (During that time, I was just too weak to blog! Really!)

2. Unfortunately, while I was on the fast, I was also taking some medication that then became rather toxic because I wasn't eating anything. So, as I broke my fast, I became really not well. And to make matters worse, I needed to make a road trip to Los Angeles right at the same time. Argh....can you say, "Bad Timing!!"? Fortunately, I lived through it, and now feel back to normal. Needless to say, I will not be revisiting the "Master Cleanser."

3. Did I say, "Road Trip to Los Angeles"?? Yes! Breaking News: We are moving back to Los Angeles!!!!!! It's been crazy insane because we only had one week to find a new place, and one week to move. So we spent all the last week looking, looking, looking (all the while I was sick), only to find nothing. How can you find a place to live within a week?! Ironically, after many phone calls, and a lot of string pulling, we are actually moving back to the building we moved out of a year ago. It's only temporary, as it's nowhere near where we need to be, but it will be home for now.

4. So, blogging will continue to be light/non~existant as we get ready to move this week. Boxes, packing, rental truck, movers, driving, more movers, unpacking....are all I can see in the near future!

Anyway, after all that, I figure I should finally tell you about "The Cow" that I have been promising to blog about since July.

So if you're driving up I-5 from Northern CA to Oregon, somewhere around Weed, you'll see an enormous sculpture of a cow, made up of scrap metal, out in a pasture beside the highway. It's been there for as long as I can remember. It's always been one of those way points on a road trip: "Are we close to the Cow? The Cow must be coming up soon!"

Almost everytime you go by the Cow, it's decorated either for some festival or birthday, but sometimes it's just plain. When you're driving by at 70mph, it looks like a cow that is just a bit larger than life. But one time I was driving by, some people were standing by it, photographing it. That thing is ENORMOUS!! They stood only halfway up to it's shoulder! Another time, I drove by during a big wind storm, and the cow had blown over. That HAD to be an intense wind storm to blow THAT thing over!

So this time we decided to stop. (You're not supposed to pull over on the side of the freeway to take pictures, so this was a swat expedition!) The Cow now has a fence up, so you can't get very close, but I did finally take a pic. It's decorated for someone's family event in these photos. Now just imagine how big this thing is.....a tall person is only about half as tall as the Cow. Amazing.

Finally, I've given you The Cow. I'm sure I had more to say about it originally, but time has a way of losing things. Anyway.....I'm off to L.A. I'm sure there will be many nuggets of blogging goodness to post....and I will try, but no guarantees for now. Just stay tuned....subscribe to the RSS feed....I will be back. Really!

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