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2006-11-28 - 9:10 p.m.
Look!! I've come out of my blogging hibernation to actually post again! Of course, this can only be because an adventure is at foot....Road Trip!!!!!! We're loading up the car and heading back to my beloved Playa del Rey. Once there, we'll be renting an RV and camping ourselves out at the beach.

Yes, an RV....right on the BEACH! How cool is that?!

I'm not really quite sure what this trip is going to be like. I haven't spent time in a trailer of any kind since I was about 15. But I did grow up in a trailer park (although much of that time was spent living in a large mobile home, and later in the 4000 sq ft house that was on the property. So maybe that doesn't count much). But we did have an RV that we camped in for several summers.....and I absolutely loved it! During those summers, I completely considered the possibility of making trailer living a permant lifestyle. Even now, I'm still attracted to the idea. (If you want to read a great blog about living in a Micro~Palace, among other amazing things, check out my friend Trailerpark Girl. She's got it down!)

So we're off. I'll report back next week....I promise! With pictures and everything!

(P.S. to our friend, Nick, the one who fears the Tsunami: Don't worry, Nick! The water's warm!)

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2006-11-17 - 9:07 p.m.
This is my dream come true: I'm being paid to write this!
(*UPDATE*: Am I being paid to write this?? Scroll down to the bottom for detailed updates.)

Ok, so by now, you've probably heard about this new deal called Revew Me. You sign up your blog, and they find advertisers who will pay to have you review their products. The reviews can be completely honest....if you don't like a product, you can say so, and you'll still get paid. How much you get paid depends basically on how popular your site is at Technorati, along with a few other criteria.

When I first heard about this, I was not real motivated to sign up for it because I'm pretty low on the food chain. And I haven't seen much return from other advertising that I've run on my site. But I was somewhat intrigued that this program was about doing reviews (I love doing reviews!), and not just running blanket adds. So I decided to check it out.

I signed up and instantly they had a review for me to do! They're paying me for *this* review of their own service. It seems that they want to get the word out, and want as many blogs as possible to sign up......and what better way, than to pay everyone to do a review. Of course, since I'm low on the food chain, I'm only getting $20....but still, $20! I've read some blogs that were getting over $100. I know that most of you people that I read are way higher up on the food chain, so I would encourage you to check into it. It's like free money!!

So at this point, I'm giving them a 2 thumbs up. I like the fact that you can give an honest review and still get paid, and you have to disclose to your audience that you are being paid. It seems like a good program so far. Since this is a fairly new program, it would be interesting if they would have us first reviewers review them again in a few months, or a year from now. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing evolves......and if I ever get any more reviews to do.

*UPDATE* November 19, 9:26PM:

Well, now I'm not so happy with Review Me. Here's why:

I wrote the review above within an hour of signing up (they give you 48 hours to write the first review). Since then, I've checked into my account to see when/if I would get paid. It would show that my review was pending, and show how many hours were left. Just now, I checked again and it said that my review was past due! WTF?!!!!

So I went to their FAQ and sent in a request to figure out what's up. We'll see if and how fast they respond, if it's not PDQ, I'm done with them. You all know how lazy I am about posting.....and it pisses me off that I went to the trouble to write about them...instead of something actually interesting....and now it looks like it was all for naught! Pffftt!

*UPDATE 2* November 20, 3:47PM:

Ok, so I checked into my account again, and now it says that my review has been approved, and supposedly they will deposit $20 into my Paypal account on Dec 1. So maybe I overreacted. But it still shows that my review was past due. Weird. Now I just wonder if my review would have been approved if I had just waited, or if it was approved because I sent in a request on their FAQ. Anyway....stay tuned. I'll let you know if I actually get paid.

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