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2006-10-15 - 8:22 p.m.
Hello from Astoria! It's pouring rain and cold here. Nice. How come every time I get here, I'm told that it's been unusually hot and sunny for weeks.....but the day I arrive, the rainy season starts?! And on top of that, it seems that one of the two other people that have keys to the place have been here recently.....and used up most of the firewood that was left! Fortunately, it's not really all that cold yet...I'm just whining. Having enough dry firewood here has always been an issue. Each little piece is like gold to me.

Anyway, here's the thing....the two people who have keys are two of my tenants. They are both long time tenants and, we have all become very good friends. I gave them keys so they could look after the place when I'm away. I also gave one of them permission to stay in my place when I'm away, since he doesn't live in town anymore either. But here's the thing.....I felt really odd arriving here this time and finding evidence that someone had stayed here. Even though I know who it was.

There were little clues that someone had been in: an odd light left on, food left behind, things that had been obviously moved, a bed disheveled. It shouldn't bother me because I openly invited him to stay when he's in town, and some of the things that were moved were things that he had stored here anyway. But I guess it's the mystery of trying to piece together whether or not he was actually here or if it's my overly active imagination. Then the mystery of figuring out what all he did while he was here.

I know, you're thinking.....why don't you just call and ask him?

Well, this guy is not part of the twenty first century. He fishes in Alaska part of the year and lives in a cabin part of the year....and the rest of the time, who knows?! I might see him once a year, at the most. The rest of the time we communicate by mail...the US Postal service. Can you imagine? This man has no computer, no cell phone, and no land line. But he is a most interesting fellow. Sends me hand written missives of his latest doings when he sends in his rent. He should have been a writer......or at least should have a blog! But no, he is just about his truck and his tools....not computers.'s still makes me feel weird that he actually did stay here (at least I hope it was him!). And I have no way of knowing until the next letter arrives.

(PS. I'll get back to posting the photos of the garage when I get back to CA. I was too busy (*lazy*) before I left to get that all uploaded. Isn't that just like me?!)

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