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2006-06-07 - 6:55 p.m.
Hey look....I'm still alive! My internet guests didn't turn out to be axe muderers after all. They actually turned out to be some of the best house guests I've ever had!

When they first arrived, they offered to take my Love and me out to dinner. I was shocked when they suggest going to *The Ivy,* as that has longggg been one of my most favorite restaurants in L.A. How could these people who live hundreds and hundreds of miles away from me, be clairvoiant enough to pick my favorite restaurant?! Obviously, these were going to be the best house guests ever!

Unfortunately, I think the restaurant let us all down. It had moved to a new location that didn't have the Tiki kitchy glamor of the past that it used to have. I felt like I was letting our guests down by telling them that this was my *favorite* restaurant, only to find that it had changed so much. But the food was still as sumptuous as ever, and despite the lack of decor, I think we were all very stuffed and satisfied at the end of the meal. (Thanks you two! You will forever be endeared to my heart for taking us there!!)

After that, we didn't see much of our guests. They had a major agenda to do as much of SoCal as humanly possible in the shortest period of time possible, so we let them out and set them free. Fortunately, they liked us enough to return each night. (Alan feared that after the first night, we'd never see them again, because, as I'm told, I had just bit too much bubbly and/or gin and/or wine....and got just a bit out of control...or something. But they were good sports and acted like nothing happened.)

On their last night they offered to take us out to brunch before they left....and I actually told them I'd get up *early* to join them.

Now, let's analyze that sentence: "I told them I'd get up *EARLY* to join them."

This is how much I love these people! I *DO NOT* get up *EARLY* for anyone! But for them, I'd give up my first born. (Ok, I don't have a first born....but you get the idea. These people rock!)

Thank you again sooo much, you two! It was fabulous!

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