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2006-05-28 - 7:09 p.m.
I live on the edge of a wetlands/wildlife refuge. There are all types of birds (fowl?)....herons, egrets, hawks, crows, ducks, etc. In addition to that we have all sorts of other wildlife....frogs, crickets, some sort of squirl~like critter, racoons, possums, maybe even a fox. You never know what you're going to see out there. And it's seasonal...the types of critters you see/hear out there changes regularly. It's an amazing place.

It's also hard to ignore that there is a wetlands/wildlife sanctuary *right there* in your back yard. It takes up acres and acres, and the community here is devoted to it. You can't pick up a local paper without reading about.

So now about my new neighbor.
If you are looking for an apartment in this neighborhood, there is NO CHANCE you could possibly not notice that this building and most every other apartment building in this area faces the wetlands. There are birds there. They sing, sqwak, cheep, mock....that's what birds do. That is what a wetlands/wildlife sanctuary is there to preserve.

So my new neighbor....he can't sleep. He asks me: "Are there always the birds? Where do the birds sit?"


He looks at me longingly, pleadingly, as if there is something I can do about if it is somehow my fault.

I try to gently break it to him that the birds are here all the time....that's the point. He pauses for a minute, then tells me he's going to call the landlord.


Oh, and did I mention he blasts his Tom Jones CD's all day long and sings along, badly, at the top of his lungs?!

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2006-05-25 - 11:01 p.m.

I'm still testing things out with my new camera.....more photos on the way. I'm wondering if anybody recognizes this place. Any guesses? Alan?

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