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2006-05-05 - 5:37 p.m.
After reading Acidman's post about sh**ty hotel food, I decided I should post a list of hotels that have incredible food. Feel free to add to the list in the comments. I would love to hear what you all have been eating!


The Beverly Hills Hotel
What can I say? This is at the top of my list for the most gracious service, not pretentious at all. The most wondeful food....a place that can serve a hamburger or caviar with equal caliber. Also great for celeb sightings!

Hotel Bel Aire
Go here to feel like you're a millionaire, even if you're not. Admire the swans. But understand that you will be scrutinized with a jaded eye if you order the tortilla soup wth the bannana pancakes. However, don't let that stop you, as both are divine!

The Four Seasons
Celeb sightings many that you'll forget what you had to eat!

Beverly Hilton
How can you not eat/drink at a hotel that has a Trader Vics?
Scorpion anyone???

The Claremont
Even if you are not staying here....Eat here! You will not be disappointed.

Harris Ranch
The best half~way point between Los Angeles and San Fran. Take your meals in the don't have to wait as long for a seat, and the atmosphere is much much better. They used to have a killer salmon sandwich....yes, I know, odd for a steak place, but it was darn good. So if you ever eat there, demand that they bring the salmon sandwich back (there's power in numbers!).


The Biltmore
You will never think of toast the same way again, after you've had it at The Biltmore. I don't know how they do it, but their toast is sublime! They serve it in one of those silver toast holder things, and it is perfectly the point of causing orgasms. Really....I have never had toast that I can call "orgasmic" until I stayed at the Biltmore!


The Mallory
According to their website, they are under renovation. I cannot wait to see what they are like when they reopen. They are (or were?) one of the few pet friendly places I've stayed at. They had the coolest retro bar, and made a killer club sandwich. I hope the reno keeps true to their coolness.

The Benson
Ahhh, The Benson. The place where former President Clinton stays. The place where rockstars stay. This is the place to maybe rub shoulders with the who is who while having a decadent Eggs Benedict

The Heathman
For a long time, this was my home away from home. I have stayed here so many times, eaten so many good meals here, and been turned on to so many fabulous drinks......this is top on my list for favorite places in Portland OR.

Do the buffet. Nuff' said!

Inn at Spanish Head the buffet!!


I can't remember ever having a bad meal here. I've been here with family, dined here alone, ordered room service,,,,,always always fabulous

University Inn
This is the place Alan and I had breakfast the morning after our first night together. Yes, of course, our eyes were fogged by that post coital glow.....but d*mn, that restaurant can make some mean French toast! Go just might start a love affair!

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