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2005-11-12 - 7:46 p.m.
Part 2. The Rolling Stones.

Next up, was The Rolling Stones concert at the The Hollywood Bowl. Mick and the boys can still rock the house, and what a house it is. Everyone should see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl at least once in their life. Words can't describe what a magnificent venue this is.

Once we got there, it was dark out already, and our seats were miles apart in two different sections of the amphitheatre. So we went our separate ways in the dark, wondering how we would ever find each other again.

This is when things got crazy.

Now keep in mind that this amphitheatre is very very steep, with many many stairs...and I was sitting somewhere near the top. Not a bad view, but not the best. Seeing that I was sitting alone, the people on either side of me engaged me in coversation while we waited for the Stones to come on. About two songs in, the husband of the lady to the left of me, finally arrives. He now engages me in conversation....even though the concert is now in full swing! He tells me that it's really easy to get close up to the stage, and that I should go down there.

Uh huh.

Call me gullible....I tromp all the way down (like 40 miles on a steeeeep down hill slope!).....and no go. They have guards at the end of every isle, and every where you go, they check your ticket. I have a feeling these people just wanted to get rid of me so they could have more room on the crowded bench. Hmrph!! So I tromp another 40 miles straight up, trying once agian to locate my seat in the dark. Luckily I do.

It gets better.

By the time I get back up there, the crowd is now on it's feet as they tend to do at these things. Only problem is....I'm short and I was in a sea of tall people. No view!

Right about then, a group of rowdy kids two rows in front of me notices me (they're all standing up on the benches, so they can see everything.) They decide to adopt me! They climb over the benches and grab my hand and help me climb down to where they're sitting/standing. Much better view. Cool.

But wait, there's more.

Just about as soon as we sit down, they decide there are better seats to be had down below, so we repeat the process....over and over. I can't remember how many times we climbed up and over and down, but I'll tell you my legs were sore the next day (I'm gettin too old for this!). Finally they abandon me, and I actually have a pretty good seat.

Can I enjoy the concert now. Not!

We are now about 2/3 of the way through the concert, and an older woman comes up and yells at me that I'm sitting in her seat. Oy. Here we go again. At this point I decide to give up sitting, and go on an expedition to look for Alan. Miraculously, I still had the receipt in my purse that had his seat number. It turns out, he is sitting practically near the very last row at the top, wayyyy on the other side of the theatre.

So I tromp.....another 40, maybe 60, miles back up the hill (the veryyy steeep hill), asking every guard I can find, how to get to the seat on my receipt. Finally, amazingly, after mountain climbing for about 500 hours......I find the exact spot where he is sitting. Wow.

We decide to high tail it, knowing that if we start to leave before the crowd does, it will only take us about 6 hours to get out of there, as opposed to 100. When we finally do make it down to the bottom of the hill, we discover a little nook right by the stage where we can stand and watch the rest of the concert. Victory at last.

Well almost.

In the last 10 or 15 minutes or so, a little old lady in a wheel chair comes and yells at us that this is her spot. Now it really is time to go. She rolls over my foot with her wheel chair as she wedges herself in.

Good times, people, good times!

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2005-11-12 - 7:33 p.m.

Yes, I have been bad bad bag again, leaving you with no updates and no idea where I am. But it's not because I haven't had anything to write's because I've had *too much* to write about. (And sometimes it's just easier to forget about everything and get lost in your blogs. Ok, yes, I'm lazy.....but not when it comes to checking on my peeps!)

Anyway, I'll try and make this as brief as possible, but I'm afraid I may have lost the essence by waiting so long to write. Who goes:

Part 1. The Cadillac Drive Summit.

This was an incredible event that we got invited to.....but we have no idea why or how. An invitation just showed up one day in the mail. It looked like a piece of junk mail, but with a really nice envelope.

The event was all about getting you to want a Cadillac, so we got to drive all the different Caddies around three different race tracks. Then we got to do it all over again with BMW's, Mercedes, and Lexus to compare. There were no was just up to us to decide who makes the better car. (Of course, we liked the BMW the best! Ha!)

There was also a huge buffet of food: little tartlets, mini grilled cheese, etc. But the best thing was skewers of perfectly cooked filet mignon. To die for! Then at the end we each got a goody bag filled with Cadillac info, a Cadillac cap, and a wooden box of fine cigars.

And this was all FREE!!!

I have no idea how we lucked out on that one.

Stay tuned for Part 2.....The Rolling Stones!!

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