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2005-09-14 - 8:35 p.m.
Tip of the day:

If your boyfriend's kids decide to bake chocolate chip cookies at home from scratch........make sure they keep them out of sight and don't bring any of them into your presence. Otherwise, youl'll end up eating like twenty million chocolate chip cookies.

Trust me....I know!

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2005-09-13 - 4:31 p.m.
If you've been having any trouble posting a comment here, don't worry.....I haven't banned anyone's IP. But Diaryland just put in place a system for blocking IPs which I think still has a few glitches to work out. I've noticed that if I go to other Diaryland blogs, sometimes my IP is blocked and sometimes not. It seems to come and go at random.

So, if you have had a problem, please email me and let me know so I can try and track down the problem. Thanks!

Also you all might want to check this out. It's hilarious and very true!

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2005-09-12 - 2:39 p.m.
So, back to the details of my trip up North:

1. Arrived at my place exhausted after a 7 hour drive, only to find that the water had been shut off.

2. Before even unloading the car, we spend the next hour or so running around my cavernous cement building, trying to figure out why the water was shut off and how to get it back on. Long story short....we got it back on after much shouting through holes in the floor.

3. Drove up to Seattle to see our families, found Alan's Mom sitting on the floor, nonchalantly dusting. As it turned out, she had fallen and could not get up. She knew we were coming, so she just made herself busy dusting. She had been there for an HOUR. Oy. Luckily, she was Ok, and we went out to dinner.

4. Next day, we spent the afternoon tweaking my Dad's computer. Amazingly, he had over 750 spyware applications running. No wonder his computer was so slow! It took so long that we didn't get a chance to do my sister's computer. Can't wait to see what she has going on with hers! Oy.

5. We went out with an old friend, an ex love,....and I ended up getting totally wasted and asking the DJ if he could play something from the Rolling Stones. I don't think he even knew who the Rolling Stones were. Oy, again.

6. Hang over.

7. Then found out that one of our good friends had been fired after 25 years on the job. Went out with him and a few close friends. Ended up at one of our friend's new condo, spent time laying under her new Mini and then crowding into her new bedroom: two men, two wimmen, a bunny and two birds. Really, it was more innocent than that sounds....but it makes for a good tale. (Amazingly, the bunny is not in a runs all over the house and there are trays of hay and bowls of salad for it to eat. When our friend has documents to shred, they become "bunny litter." That was our quote of the evening, "Oh that's sooo going to become bunny litter!" The bunny even has a little plush toy rabbit that he sleeps on. Apparently bunnies like to sleep on other bunnies.)

8. Discovered that one of my tenants who lives in Wisconsin and Alaska and has storage at my place, was actually in town. I hadn't seen him in over six months, so that was a nice surprise. We got caught up on everything.....including the fact that he had got married in May!

9. As noted previously, we discovered our tiny motel on the coast, The Yachats Inn (on the way back) had WiFi.....amazing.

10. Stopped at the Basshole for dinner, where the owner hugged us as if we were regulars.....even though we live nearly 400 miles away in either direction!

I'm sure there's a bunch of other things I should be reporting on, but I think this is good for now. In a few days, I'll be heading back to L.A......just as my roommate takes off on a week long road trip. What could be better timing?!!

Stay tuned, I'll be in touch.........

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2005-09-11 - 4:19 p.m.
Living with a Type 1 Diabetic can provide for many thrills and chills. Take last night for example: one fire truck, one aid car, and about 7 or so paramedics.

Next week he will be fitted with some sort of technology that measures his blood sugar and administers the right amount of insulin. But over the last 40 years, he's had to rely on checking his blood sugar himself to determine the amout of insulin to take. This is not an exact science. This can sometimes result in extreme lows. Not good.

So last night, at about 3:00am, I was awakend by him writhing in bed and kicking me. I rolled over and found that he was practically drowning in sweat. (Typical signs of extreme low blood sugar.) He was incoherent and combative as I checked his sugar. It was 31. (Healthy blood sugar is between 100 and 150......and don't argue with me, Alan, for you 150 is not so bad!)

I knew that this was much more than I could deal with in the usual ways....honey, gatorade, juice. He wasn't coherent enough to have any of that. So I called 911.

While I was waiting for them, I woke up the 12 year old and put him in charge of being on the look out for paramedics so I could try and work on Dad (finding some kind of sugar he would take, unhooking his insulin pump.)

When the paramedics arrived and started working on Alan, I realized that this was not a good scene for the 12 year old to be witnessing. So I took him out to the living room, hugged him, and told him every thing would be OK. He was a real trooper. I feel bad for having to drag him into the situation, but I needed help too. I'm not sure if I hugged him to make him feel better, or to make me feel better. I knew everything would be all right, but it's very scary to have your bedroom full of paramedics while your boyfriend is going deep into insulin shock.

When the paramedics got here, his blood sugar was threateningly low.

The amusing thing about all this, is that the 10 year old came out to get a glass of water in the middle of all this. (I didn't want to wake her, and she had slept through everything to this point.) She seemed oblivious that there were paramedics all over our house. I was worried that she would be freaked out, but she simply got her glass of water and went right back to bed. I tried to comfort her, but to her, it seemed like a normal night, so I let her go back to sleep.

The paramedics got him revived with an IV, then it was up to me to get him some food, so his sugar wouldn't drop again. When the paramedics left, they just shuffled out without saying I ran after them, thanking them profusely. These are great great people who put out a lot in situations unknown. I can't thank them enough.

Today, we have resumed life as normal, thanks to them.

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