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2005-08-25 - 5:45 p.m.
Warning: Gratuitous cat post ahead (And I don't mean the pussy variety):

My cat and I have developed certain quirky rituals that, over time, have become so cemented into our lives, that sometimes I wonder if these things are just habbit, or if we have some kind of psychic connection.

(Bare with me here.)

Ritual 1. She will only drink water out of a glass, never out of a bowl, and she will only drink Arrowhead bottled water. (I know, she's spoiled. But every now and again I can fool her by filling up the water bottle with tap water, and then make sure she sees me pouring the faux Arrowhead water into her glass.)

Ritual 2. In the morning, after she has had a longgggg drink out of her glass, (which can go on for like 10 minutes! (She drinks tons of water because she has kidney diease....but that's another story).....she will want to get in under the covers and crawl up onto my naked breast, and perform some sort of bread~kneading tap dance sort of ritual. If you try to pet her during this ritual, you will be rebuffed with very loud yowling. Then she finally settles down and falls asleep on my breast.

Now, normally, she hates to set foot on naked skin. She won't sit on my lap unless I'm wearng pants or have a blanket or something covering me. So it is very odd that she'll readilly crawl up on top of my breast....and it's alway after having a long drink (her drinking) (yes, I can see the jokes coming now!) (This only started happening in the last year, after 18+ years of her being in my life.)

Ritual 3. In the afternoons, she'll be sound asleep on her bed.....just completely in a deep deep sleep....snoring even! Then, out of the blue, she abruptly wakes up with a start, utters the cutest little sprinkle of a meow.....then immediatly hops up and runs to her food bowl. It's almost like clockwork.....she does this every day.

Now here's the psychic part. I will be in bed, asleep, and dreaming that she is getting ready to jump up on the bed, or I will dream that she is on the bed, or I will dream that she's walking down the hall, etc.,......and I wake up, and there she is! This is always at random.....not on her regular feeding schedule anything. And it happens everyday at no particular time. (Ok, maybe you have to have experienced this to understand/believe what I'm talking about. It can be really freaky.)

So, hmmmm....where was I going with this post?? I've completely lost track.

(Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

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