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2005-08-19 - 1:20 p.m.
It's TJ's Gimmick Friday!

(Check it out, and pass it along.)

Top Five Coolest People Alive:

1. Clint Eastwood.

2. Mick Jagger.

3. Martha Stewart.

4. Bill Clinton.

5. Penn Gillette.

Now why have I picked these five? It was hard to narrow it down, there were many others I considered. Here's five that didn't get picked and my reasons why:

1. David Letterman. I thought long and hard about this one. I love Dave.....but is he really cool anymore? Not sure.

2. Barbara Walters. I do love Barbara.....she is one of the people I would most like to meet. But is she cool? I used to think so, but I think her career choices as of late have been not so cool. The View used to be good, but I think it's past it's prime now. (However, I just noticed that Madonna is going to be on Monday....I may watch.)

3. Madonna. I essentially grew up with Madonna. She was the "Britney Spears" of my day, but evolved and did not disappear like so many of the pop bands of the 80's. I've always admired her chameleon abilities, and the drive she must have to keep it rolling. But, is she cool anymore? We may have to wait through a few more evolutions to decide that.

4. Robert Deniro. I love love love Mr. Deniro, but.....his movie choices of late have been somewhat iffy....funny, no doubt, but iffy. He needs to get a meaty role soon to regain his coolness.

5. Now here's a grab bag of people I rejected as almost cool: Courtney Love, Ron Howard, Al Pacino, Tom Brokaw, Howard Stern, Eminem, Donald Trump.....oy! I could go on and on. I love all these people for certain aspects,,,,,,but they just didn't make the cut of the "cool meter."

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