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2005-06-19 - 9:56 p.m.

Yes, I know, it's been like twenty million years since I last blogged. This is in part due to: being on the road too much, being wayyy too busy, and also just being too lazy.

So to jump start my blogging motor again.....I give you a meme (yes, I know.....memes memes memes....the bane of blogging.) But I happen to like this one, so I refuse to apologize!

1. Total number books I own:
Too many to count! I have shelves and shelves of books at my building in Oregon, a sprinkling of books at my Love's house in San Fran, and several unorganized piles of books at our place in Los Angeles. One can never have too many books......or too many places to live!!

2. Last book I bought:
Portable Houses
I started out at Trailer Park Girl's site (one of my fav's), then surfed to Sisters on the Fly....then somehow ended up buying this book. I highly recommend it if you're interested in making a tiny portable space home~like. (Which, oddly, is the total opposite of what I do......I try to make gigantically (is that a word?) huge warehouses into home~like spaces.)

3. Last book I read:
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I orginally read Into Thin Air by him, and it was soooo amazing that I went in search of anything else he had written.....and I was not disappointed! I highly recommend this book.

4. Five Books Of Notable Influence On Me:
Now these, you're going to have to Google yourself, because I really need to go to bed soon, and the more I Google, the more things I find that I want to buy!!!

1. Watership Down.
This is one of my favorite books of all time. My 8th grade teacher said that I shouldn't pick this book for my book report because I'd never finish in time. She was right! But I've read it 3 times since and watched the movie (trust me, don't watch the movie!) Nevertheless, it will remain my all time favorite book.

2. The Count of Monte Cristo.
What can you not say about this book?!! It captured my imagination. It's probably time to read it again.

3. The Great Gatsby.
In a twisted sense, I completely identify with Gatsby. As tortured as he was, and as the story was.....I can so see myself being this mysterious person who throws lavish parties.....all the while being a reclusive voyuer....watching it all happen from the anonymity of the upper balcony.

4.By Camel & Car to the Peacock Throne. by E. Alexander Powell
I've always been interested in the Middle East and/or Egypt.....I also love cars, and collect camel figurines. When I ran across this book at a used book store it seemed intriguing. And what a book it was!!

It started me on my life long quest for all travel books written about the Middle East in the 1920's. The 20's were quite a time for travel, and travel writing. It's become sort of a hobby of mine to seek out travel books from the 20's.

5. Road Fever by Tim Cahill.
This book was the beginning of sooooo many other books I've read. It confirmed that I loved reading adventure travel matter where the travel long as there was a sense of humor to the writing. THAT is the main thing I look for in ANY writing.

5. TAG, you are it!
Now this is where I'm supposed to pass this meme along and tag someone.....but I'll allow you to decide if you want to carry this meme on or not. So what have you people been reading lately??????

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