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2005-02-18 - 12:46 a.m.
Sorry I haven't been updating very often, but I have been absolutely swamped by our new Meyer lemon site. We didn't expect it to take off so fast.....we thought it would be a long gradual crawl, but instead, everything hit all at once!

But since we're all out of lemons at the moment (!), I guess I have a few minutes to bring you up to date.

So the best hotel in Astoria (Oregon), is a really fine hotel....possibly one of the best in Oregon. And if you know me at all, you know that I am giving them my highest compliment. Sure, I've been known to stay at a $35/night hole in the wall (just read some of my archives!), but I also love to stay at the big places.....The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Bel Air, The Four Seasons, The Biltmore. Yes, I have stayed at those places....and yes, I am name dropping.....but only to give the best compliments to Hotel Elliot in Astoria, Oregon.

I've been in Astoria for over 14 years, and seen a lot of changes. The Hotel Elliot used to be a run down flop house. Some years ago, I had a couple of redneck run-ins with the hotel's previous owner.....a long story involving one of his tenants, one of my tenants, the towing of cars, yadda, yadda. We resolved it, but that gives you an idea of the kind of place it used to be.

Finally, a consortium of local business people bought the place and decided to renovate it into a fabulous oasis....a luxury hotel! Many of us locals had our doubts....the place was super run down.....but we all were hoping. And amazingly, after several years of hard work, they accomplished their goal!

As long as I've been in Astoria, there's been a crumbling sign painted on the side of Hotel Elliot, that said "Wonderful Beds." Of course, the salt air had eroded the sign (and undoubtedly the beds the beds had eroded their own way!) But during the renovation, they repainted the sign, AND dedidcated themselves to providing the. most. fabulous. beds....ever!

And OMG.....these are the most fabulous beds!!!!

I'll admit, I'm a bed snob (I spend more on bedding than on clothing or food). And I have to say, that the bed at the Hotel Elliot was one of the best beds I have ever slept in! (It was extremely difficult to drag myself out of bed the next morning to get on the road!)

Yes, I know, it sounds like I work for them. But we really had a great great time there. (Did I mention they even have heated floors in the bathroom?! I want to LIVE there!!)

Anyway, we're back in California now, and trying to deal with all our lemon sales! If posting is sporadic, don't worry.....I'll be back!

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2005-02-15 - 10:34 p.m.
So we arrived in Astoria just slightly after dark, got the car unpacked, the fires built, etc. And just about the time the wood stoves started heating the place up....I noticed something whirrrring aroung the room.

Eeeek!.....It was a Bat!

I don't have a problem with creepy crawly things. I love snakes, and only get annoyed at rats.....but bats in my neighborhood have a history of being rabid. *Rabid is not good*. They usually won't trouble you in the daytime, but can bite while you're asleep. So I decided we should high~tail it outta there.

(Of course, the idea of having to camp out at the best hotel in Astoria for the night, might have also been a deciding factor!)

So we quickly threw everying in the car...including the cat (this hotel has two rooms that take pets!) and drove over to the hotel. Since it was getting late, we unpacked, slurped a quick martini, then walked to the nearest open restaurant. (That sounds easy, but we actually walked to four (4) places before we found one open!)

But I digress.....there is more to this story, but my bath is waiting!! (Don't you just love it how I string you out like this??! I thought so!.)

Stay tuned........

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2005-02-13 - 9:28 p.m.

I know, I know, I know......I have been super bad about posting lately. And I have about a million excuses too, but I'll spare you all that and tryyy to cut to the chase.

So I went up to Oregon to make sure my building *pictured above* was still standing (it was), and also to go to the art opening of one of my most favorite artists, Chuck Hill. (You know I really like an artist when I am willing to drive over 1200 miles just to go to an opening!)

In order to go to the art event, we (Alan *pictured above* and I) had to drive down the coast and stay at one of my most favorite little motels, one of those old bungalow places made of cedar and knotty pine with a view of the ocean (*torture*). I love this place....not only because it is fabulous, and has a great big fireplace (with dry wood and matches provided!), but because I also once set my....uh...pubic hair on fire there during a photo opportunity (it was an accident...but that's another story.)

Anyway....the next day we left there to drive back up to my bulding and pack up, but since we were reluctant to let the vacation end, we stopped at every beach (and bar) we could find along the way.....and at one point found a beach full of fossils!

Does this whole story sound decadent, or what!?

I think I better give this to you in a couple of parts. (I know, you hate it when I drag these things out....but it must be done!) (Plus, it keeps you coming back!!!)

So stay tuned for part Deux......when I'll tell you about the BAT!!! Eeek!!!!!!!!

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