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2005-01-10 - 9:22 p.m.

Quote of the day:
"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week."
~Spanish Proverb

Really, I promise to post something more exciting....tomorrow!

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2005-01-06 - 6:39 p.m.
There was an earthquake HERE this morning. Well, actually it happend about 70 miles from here, but I DEFINITELY felt it. I was lying in bed, half awake around 6:30am when I thought I felt someone shoving very strongly against the end of the bed. I took off my sleep mask to look for my cat, thinking she was up to something, but no...she was laying on my pillow doing nothing.

And then it hit me.....we're having an earthquake!!

The cord on my lamp was swinging, the water in my glass was swaying. As my mind went through a thousand thoughts in 20 seconds....tsunami, the big one, get in the door way, grab the cat, building collapse.....the swaying then stopped and everything went back to being still.

I sat there for a while in my groggy state, surveying what had just happened. There was no damage, just some minor rocking and rolling. This was only a 4.4, and it was nowhere near here. I live at the beach, so of course, tsunami was high in my mind, but I know that most of the earthquakes that happen here, happen very little tsunami risk. But still.

I've always been fascinated by earthquakes, but I'm amazed at how much scarier they seem now, after the big one.

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2005-01-04 - 10:36 p.m.
There's this little liquor store down the street that I go to often. I usually buy the tiny airline size bottles of Wild Turkey, Tanqueray, or Jack Daniels, etc........this is my version of *dieting.* It's all about portion! If I buy the big bottles, I'm prone to having five martinis, instead of just one or two with the mini bottles.

But here's the thing about this liquor store. The familily who owns it is very nice. They know me, remember what I the point that I don't even have to ask when I go in there. But from time to time, they hire someone new. And the people they hire are always just a little bit....wrong.

The first new guy was from Poland. And he could not keep his hands off me! He was all about hugging and hand shaking. This is something I did not want when I was just stopping in for a quick liquor purchase. Needless to say, he didn't last long.

The next guy was Hispanic. He had this odd way of handing me my change, so that he stroked my hand in doing so. This more than bugged me, so I took to bringing exact change with me every time I went there. Well, he figured that one out, and started handing me whatever I had purchased in a way that he could still stroke my hand. Eww!
Needless to say, he didn't last long.

Now there's an ancient Jamaican fellow. He doesn't try to touch or flirt with me, but he keeps giving me different prices for the items I buy. If I buy one thing (say, a bottle of Jack Daniels) early in the day, it's much cheaper than if I buy it later in the day. Some of the items in the store don't have prices marked, and I think this guy might be trying to cash in on that. Hmmm. I hope he doesn't last long!

Ok, maybe if I stopped drinking, I wouldn't have to worry about such things......but how much fun is that???!

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2005-01-03 - 11:08 p.m.

I walked on the beach for about a half an hour or so with some very foreboding clouds following close behind me, but I decided to ignore them. It was still light on at least one part of the horizon, so I held out hope that I'd be able to walk out to the end of the jetty and back without getting wet.

Within two minutes of taking this photo, the rains came down so hard I was soaked to the bone. (But it was worth it...I had the beach all to myself on the long walk home!)

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