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2005-01-01 - 6:30 p.m.

The ocean was very warm tonight.

I go to the beach almost every I know how far to run when a big wave breaks...or even a small wave. But usually I like getting wet....getting caught in the water a bit. I monitor the high and low tides. I'm endlessly fascinated by the waves, the tides, the sunset, the boats bobbing in the water.

I also monitor the earthquakes. I check the earthquake pages every day. And I have been in an earthquake (in Seattle, I think it was a 6 point something. It was very scary.)

So I have done some thinking after this huge disaster earthquake/tsunami. And you know, one way or another, we are going to die. It could be a car accident, a heart attack, some crazy person with a gun...or it could be the ocean (and lucky or not so lucky, you might even live to old age and then die because of that). I think if I were to die because of the ocean, that would probably be fitting for me because I love it so much. I have dreams about huge waves swallowing me up, but in those dreams I always survive. And these are recurring dreams. Most people would probably say that those dreams have some other meaning....but to me the ocean is everything.

Everyone is mourning for the people who died, but I am mourning for the people left behind......the people who saw the wave and ran to safety or were on high ground and were safe anyway...and those who lost their loved ones and friends. To survive the ocean is a most powerful thing, to lose people to the ocean is unbearably sad.

A day or two ago, a surfer near here died trying to surf the huge waves that we were getting.....undoubtedly because of this earthquake. This is no less a loss than any of those who died in the tsunami.

I don't really have a point to this post. It's all about the ocean. It was warm tonight when sometimes it is ice cold.

A few links in case you want to monitor things yourself:

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Earthquakes in Los Angeles
Earthquakes in Northern California
Tsunami warnings for the West Coast of the US, Canada, and Alaska
Tusnami warnings for the Pacific

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