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2004-12-12 - 9:32 p.m.

Long time no blog, eh? Well let's see....

I explained to the lonely fool I keep running into at the beach that I really do have a boyfriend. Broke his heart, poor thing. But now it's over with. I feel a little bad for him because it would have been fine to just be friends, but he didn't see it that way. Oy....why do I always attract these types?!!

Picked Alan up at the airport and luxuriated in having my Man home! Now he can defend me from these strays that keep finding me!

Went out for a cruise on the tall ship The Lady Washington (pictured above, photo by Mike Lutkes). This was the ship that was in the recent Johnny Depp film, Pirates of the Caribbean. Oddly, I have a long psuedo history with the seems to follow me. It used to moore up in Astoria, Oregon where I live part time, and I had been on it there. Then it was in the San Francisco bay when I first met my Love, then it was in Marina del Rey when I first moved to Los Angeles....then another time recently, it was in Kirkland, WA when I was up visiting my family, and Friday it was here (Marina del Rey). I swear it's following me!!

This was a laid back day of just walking on the beach and having cocktails.....until we remembered that the Holiday Boat Parade was about to start! We made a mad dash back to the beach when we heard the fireworks starting, hoping to get a glimps of the Lady Washington that we had been on the night before. We didn't make it in time for all the fireworks, but we did see the Lady and had a fun time shouting to her everyone was shouting to their favorite boats in the parade.

Today has mainly been a day of recovering from our many day long hangovers! Too much fun with yachting and cocktails! (Good thing we didn't have to drive anywhere.....and very lucky to live in walking distance of the marina!)

Anyway, I think that gets you caught up for now. Stay tuned eveyone.....who knows what will happen next!

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