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2004-09-21 - 11:06 p.m.
I haven't really wanted to blog about this for fear that I would jinx it......but it looks like like I'm going to be on TV.....and on a station near you sometime soon! (And I might even be nekked too! Oy!)

So today, we went to a taping of one of the shows, just to get an idea of how it all works, and amazingly, Alan won a Star Wars DVD set! We had to do a little skit and be judged on how good it was.......but we were the only ones that were willing to do a we won! (Funny that, considering I've never even seen any of the Star Wars movies!)

Anyway, I'll update soon about my whole TV stay tuned!!!!

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2004-09-19 - 5:15 p.m.
When deaf people from different countries speak in sign they all speak the same language??

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2004-09-18 - 10:43 p.m.
So tonight at the beach, I was asked if I would be a cheerleader for a sports team that's going to Maui. Wow! Although, actually, I think it may have just been a good sales pitch.....because they also wanted me to sponsor them to go to Maui. Hmmm.....

But still! Isn't that slightly more flattering than being mistaken for Sharon Osbourne?? (I mean, not that it would be all that bad to be Sharon, but to have teenage/college age boys wanting you to be their cheerleader.....well!)

Gotta love the beach.

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2004-09-15 - 10:50 p.m.

On my way home from the beach tonight, I passed by a truck of about 3 or 4 rowdy guys. As I was walking by, I could hear them saying things like, "Isn't she on that TV show?? You know...that show.....what's it called??? Oh! It's Sharon Osbourne!!!!"

Just to be silly, I gave them a big wave, but that just set them off even more......"Sharon Osbourne!!!!'s Sharon Osbourne!!!!!!"

They were going crazy!! I think they really thought I was Sharon Osbourne. (Wow, maybe on the best day of her life.....I am actually 15 years younger than her, you know!)

Anyway, as I walked down the street, they kept yelling after me, "I want to suck your feet!! I want to suck your feet!!"

Hmmmm.....little did they know, just moments before, I was scraping bird poop off the bottom of my foot. Ahhh, fame.......

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