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2004-07-29 - 11:49 p.m.
Yes, I know I promised that I would post about Mexico tonight. But my sister, who I haven't seen in almost two years, arrived in L.A. today. Originally, I was just going to pick her up at the airport, and have a quick dinner, but it turned into big teary eyed discussion of our parents......which was actually really really good in some ways.. We haven't talked about our parents.....or talked to eachother.....since we were little kids.

Unfortunately, we both think our parents have early stages of Alzheimer's. I don't know exactly how to explain all that we discussed. But we found that we were thinking exactly the same things, even though we had never talked about it.

Arghhh. Life is long and life is short.

Anyway, after dinner, Alan and I dropped my sister off at her friend's house, and then because I'm the lush that you know me to be, I decided we should go have a drink at The Polo Lounge to drown my sorrows. And I am drowned. This has been quite a month.

So tomorrow, maybe, if nothing else happens, I will post about Mexico.

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2004-07-28 - 11:42 p.m.

Yes, I know I was supposed to tell you all about Mexico right now, but I had twelve million things to do today, and on top of that, I've spent the last several hours working on a bunch of new paintings (that's hard work, you know....having your breasts all covered in paint!) And now it's midnight, and I still have to take a bath to soak the last bits of paint off. Oy!

So I'll leave you with the picture above as a teaser.....and I promise promise promise that tomorrow I'll tell the Mexico story (and maybe I'll even try to find a few more photos). Stay tuned everybody....

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2004-07-27 - 10:24 p.m.

Well my first impression of the cruise ship was that it instantly reminded me of that TV show, "The Love Boat." As we walked aboard, we entered this huge atrium with a grand almost seemed more like a movie set of a cruise ship, than an actual ship. (Of course, my state of mind at that point was a little bleary because of the situation with my cat, so I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing.....I didn't know what to expect.)

Then the next thing that amazed me was the food! There are little buffets all over the ship, and you can just walk up and start eating. You don't have to wait to be seated, and you don't have to just get a plate of what ever you like and wander off to where ever you want to sit. And you can get anything you want 24 hours a day. At first I found this to be I was doing something wrong. I kept asking Alan, "Are you sure we don't have to be seated first.....are you sure we don't have to pay??" But I quickly got used to it......probably too used to it. I started saying things like, "Let's go up on deck and get another slice of pizza (at 2 in the morning)!"

There were also formal "sit down" dinners. Each night, you sit at the same table with the same waiters....and you share your table with at least 2 other couples. The waiters remember absolutely all of your preferences....from what you like to drink, to how much pepper you like on your soup. It's quite formal......they would even call Alan, "Sir Alan." (He loved that!) Also, you could order anything off the menu.....if you wanted 3 entrees, no problem. They made a big deal of telling us that they would get us anything we wanted. And this is all didn't have to pay for anything except alcohol. (Needless to say, we had a very large bar tab by the end of the trip. Oy!)

Anyway, the first day (Friday) we got to the ship in the afternoon, and managed to graze a buffet and have some pizza before we set sail. Then we briefly stood on deck to watch us pull out of port, before running off to our first sit down dinner. (It's all about the food!!) After that, I don't remember a whole lot of the rest of the day.....I was still pretty much in a daze. And the next thing I knew, I was waking up, and we were parked in Mexico!

Now the Mexico part is the more fun part of the story, but I'm going to save that for tomorrow as it really needs to be it's own separate post. So stay tuned, everybody.....Buenos Noches.....Hasta Luego!

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