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2004-07-26 - 7:46 p.m.
So....about the cruise.

First of all, it's going to take me a while to decompress from everything that happened this weekend, so I'll give you a bit of an idea now, but I'll give you the full write up tomorrow (with the nude pic that I promised.)

The trip started off on a really bad note, because my cat was really ill, and I nearly had to have her put down. As you know, I travel everywhere with my cat. She's been to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, up and down the entire West Coast....everywhere. But they wouldn't let me bring her on the cruise ship (and since 9/11, they search all your bags, so sneaking her wasn't an option.) I had arranged for a friend to look after her while we were away, but during the last few days before we were supposed to leave, the cat stopped eating. I took her into the vet just to make sure everything was OK (I didn't want to leave my friend with a sick cat)......and it turned out that she was very very ill. They told me that they didn't know if the cat would live through the weekend.

When I found this out, we had about an hour before we were supposed to leave for the boat. The vet gave me 3 different options for treatment: one was to put her down, one was to essentially do nothing, and one was to do an agressive treatment that would cost a minimum of $2500. And no matter what I did, they couldn't guarantee that she would live. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated. I had no idea that she was that ill. She is a very old cat, but most people have always said she is in amazing shape for her age.

I decided to go for the aggressive treatment, and so far it's working.....she's feeling much better and has started eating again. We have the option of doing some more tests, but we decided to wait a few more days and see how she's doing. I don't want to put her through more than is absolutely neccesary.

I don't really know how to express how I feel over this whole thing. I don't really remember the first day of the cruise. I cried for one whole day. Not good. I probably drank a hundred gallons of alcohol (more than I usually do!) Not good either. But I came home, and Kitty is still alive.

Anyway, that was the beginning of the trip.....tomorrow I'll post about the fun stuff. On the second day, I did actually break out of my funk and try to have a good time. Also I used the ship to shore telephone ($8.00/minute!) to call the vet, and they told me Kitty was that made me feel much better.

Stay tuned everyone, tomorrow will be much more fun......really!

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